"The apostle (Paul) lied [about Peter not] walking uprightly...." (Jerome, quoted by Augustine 397 A.D.)


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Pius Giving Up His Title as Pastor To Become Just A Brother

May 25, 2015

Shalom Brother Doug

Greetings in the name of our Savior Jesus.

We are doing very well here in Kenya.

On Shabbat, I declared myself not to be called a pastor but just a brother and servant of Yah [i.e., the short name of God in Hebrew]. In my speech I said:        

             Speech To No Longer Be called Pastor But Only A Servant of Yah

"My dear brethren in Jesus our savior and Redeemer, I hereby declare today that 23rd of May 2015 that I will be just your brother in Jesus and a servant of Yah."

"I am happy to be just teaching and preaching to you as a servant of Yah and not as a pastor, so if anybody will be moved to teach or preach, I will just get seated and listen. It is my descision to not be called a pastor any longer. It is because Yah has enlighted to me to this docrine that a pastorate is just supported my man (that is by Paul) but Jesus taught us to be servants of Yah as He is since we are His followers. Don't you see the good now in this?"

All the members of the congregation shouted "Yes."

I responded:

"I will only call myself Yah's servant."

And they said "Oh Yes."

I continued:

"Brethren, it is my prayer that from now on, Yah's congregation will be led by Ruach HaKodesh [i.e., the Holy Spirit]This has come in good time just one day before we celebrate Shavuot and this is the will of Yah."

Then I concluded my speech with a blessing from above: 

"Halleluyah!!! Amaim."

And the congregation "Shouted Halleluyah!!!! and Amain."

                            BROTHER PIUS



Our Dearest brother in Jesus, Doug.

Shalom and blessings from above.

We are doing well here, We hope likewise you are doing well.

Last Shabbat was my wonderful day!!!, I testfied to our members on how I have come to know about Paul being a misleading writer. First, I only said of Paul being a poor one -- calling himself an apostle of Jesus without even understanding him, but now after reading and confirming, I said Paul is not an apostle to follow his teachings. Even his letters are only lies and speak against Yah's choosen people and against the Torah. I have full testmonies about Paul and I will use them in helping our people here to come out of Paul's teachings. May Yah forgive me in any time I used Paul as an apostle of Jesus to teach. Since you began teaching me, You have really blessed me and now I know the way to lead others. I have been asking these questions:

  • How can an apostle speak against the Torah which is the plain instructions of Yah?
  • What kind of an apostle can this be if he speak bad words against Yah's chosen people(Israel)?
  • Who is this man who can say that laws were done a way with?

But thank you brother Douglas for your direction and teaching me to know the truth about this Man Paul. He is not worthy to be called an apostle. He misleads believers in Jesus that they don't need to work in Yah's laws, and that they need to walk alone "in Spirit." How this man really is misleading Yah's people?!!!!!!!

May Yah give me boldness enough to preach to all Christians who have been misled to come out of Paul's teachings.  In Jesus' name I pray and belief Amain.

Pius, June 1, 2015