Have I feared the crowd or the contempt of the masses, so that I kept quiet and stayed indoors? (Job 31:34 NLT)


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Chapter One: Introduction [Mp3 downloads]

If A Later Prophet Diminishes A Prior Prophet, He Is A False Prophet (4m 22s)(4 mb)

Canon History: Additions to Scripture Have Not Been Scrutinized (7m 31s)

What The Lists Prove About Criteria For Canon (3m)

How Can The Question of Inspiration Be Ignored? (1m 37s)

No Scholarly Discussion Anywhere Of Inspiration (4m)

Jesus' Words Alone Pass The Test of Canonicity (1m 24s)

The Authority of the Twelve Apostles (Of Which Paul is Not Numbered in the Bible (3m 31s)

Paul Alone Must Be Tested By Deuteronomy's Test for False Prophets (2m 55s)

Jesus' Words Only Is A Valid New Testament Test for Canonicity (7m 22s)

Is It Too Radical To Be A Strict Fundamentalist? (1m 38 s)

Didn't The Twelve Apostles Already Make This Determination? (3 min 39 s)

If Paul Is Like Balaam, It Matters Little if the Apostles Approved of Him Initially.  (1 m 48 s)

Conclusion: Our Core Duty Is to Test Paul (45 seconds)

Historical Note on Pharisees: What Was Defective In Their Teachings? (1 m 45s)