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Destination Ecuador

Ecuador Property Services  - lists properties for sale in different cities

Ecuador Real --

Ecuador Property (Dave & Miriam) -- e.g., $169k at San Alejo in July 2015.

  Bahia de Caraquez - $94k - see sunset over houses at beach - looks like 1 mile away

Driving Directions & Maps with turn by turn directions -- Ecuador start, then enter data - here is example between Manta and Puerto Lopez

   Another is Distance Calculator -- specific to Ecuador, and provides similar directions and maps

Vacation Visits

 Law Firms in Ecuado

  • Moreno di Donato -- its office near Manta is: M3 Avenue and 24th Street, Fort Office Building 3, Manta, Ecuador
    Phone:+593 (5) 261-3764 
    Fax:+593 (2) 261-3460   E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Cotacachi - Cheap Place to Live in Ecuador

 Webpages on Ecuador - Customs and shipping help – Embassy of Ecuador in USA home page - International retirement/vacation living site - International retirement/vacation living site – Ecuador's most well known Expat blogger and international advisor