"[I]t is of great importance to correct the enormous confusion Luther caused by inverting the relation and actually criticizing Christ by means of Paul, the Master by means of a follower." (Kierkegaard, 1855.)


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Video & Audio Software Lessons

Here we collect information to help you create your own multimedia presentations, like we do.


Pinnacle Studio Software Lessons

Introduction to Pinnacle Studio 16  - lively fun narrator for 20 minutes (September 2012)

Where the Get Motion Effects for Pinnacle Studio 16 -- same fun narrator

Pinnacle Knowledge Database (from Corel)

e.g., how to have multipage menus

Pinnacle User Community Discussions 

Pinnacle 16 Tutorial Videos - starting with 1 at You Tube officially from Pinnacle


Online Video Backups


Sony offers to camera purchasers Playmemoriesonline.com. It promsies a tablet app for this.


You Tube Uploads


You Tube no longer makes it obvious how to upload. Once you do a google search, you learn this is the link:


http://www.youtube.com/upload  Da!