The prophets divine lies...and strengthen the hands of the wicked, that he should not turn from his wicked way, by promising him life. (Ezekiel 13:8-23)


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Parables About Paul

I am going to try to take a stab at illustrating contemporary problems about Paul using parables.


The Parable About God Changing His Word

 There was once a great teacher, and everyone assumed what he spoke was from God. This great teacher taught everything God said beforehand was revoked. All was new. God no longer had any other command than to love your neighbor.

Another man named Moses spoke up in objection to the great teacher and said "God commands all who follow Him to obey the Sabbath." The great teacher in reply denounced Moses for his speaking up, and reviled him as a false teacher, and lost. He also cursed Moses for he offered a gospel different than taught by the great teacher.

Moses then said he had heard from God that Sabbath was a command "eternal for all generations." The great teacher responded that Moses did not know what he was talking about. God can change His mind. To this Moses responded: "God can change His mind, but He cannot change His word. 'Eternal for all generations' can only mean as long as generations of man continue, Sabbath continues."

The great teacher responded that God can even change His word, and not just His mind. Moses responded: "then how do we know the God for whom you speak will not change His word to you tomorrow, and that we will be held guilty for failing to obey the Sabbath because that is what the same God you claim to speak for had previously commanded?"  The great teacher said, "You know where God stands moment by moment based upon where I stand."

Just then a hole opened up beneath the great teacher, just like happened to those involved in Korah's rebellion against a man similarly named Moses from millenia earlier. The hole then swallowed up the great teacher. As Moses watched the great teacher disappear, he told the crowd, "We indeed know where the god of this great teacher stands based upon where the great teacher now stands."