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Software Tips

1. Creating USB Thumb Drive Operating System To Save Your Main Computer

On any software you run, you can put on your USB thumb drive Portable Apps. You can download at this link. Install it to the root folder of your thumb drive.

You can install ChromePortable on the thumb drive.

Also, if you need to save the main system, run from the USB Drive Spybot Search and Destroy.

Also, download and keep as a weapon to install from the USB Drive -- Kaspersky's TDSSKiller - to destroy in particular rootkits. [This link is not currently available. I will update when I find out what happened.]


2. System Image Backup

You will need this when your system crashes entirely, and all your data, and installs are lost but for doing this. The System Image Backup is now part of all versions of Windows 7 and 8. Vista Users are not so lucky unless they have Ultimate. 

Here is an instruction video on how to run System Image under Windows 7 to image the entire drive. I have found incidentally if there is a disk error on the drive, it will not image but read "I/O" error. Then you need to learn how to remove such disk errors first... not easy.


 3. Lower System Resource Drag in Windows 7

Here is an excellent video which teaches you how to turn off hogs you don't necessarily need.


4. How to Set Up SSD As Boot Drive 

A good way to speed up your computer is to add an SSD drive, boot from it, and keep a secondary drive as your data drive. Here is a YouTube explaining how to do this.


5. Creating Media Center Drive

First, I recommend you rip your personal DVD and Blue Ray disks using PavTube Magic set to MP4 output (i.e., IPAD Video H.264 *.mp4). Then purchase an IPAD. Then purchase Air Video Server HD as an IPAD app. Then install on your PC the software to run Air Video Server HD off your PC.

Now attach an external disk that has all your videos. (Create and keep a mirror.) On this external are a folder or folders that you set in Air Video Server HD as available folders via running the app on the IPAD.

Then you simply open the app, pick the particular file, and hit play.

It will playback best MP4. It can play DIVX very well, and WMV somewhat choppily.


6. Flux To Adjust Computer Screen

Dr. Greger gave a speech in the UK where yellow came on his laptap screen. He later explained that it was due to the Flux program. This changes the light temperature after sunset on your computer to lower the blue light. Dr. Greger said this would lower the impairment of the circadian rythm. You can get Flux at this link. It is free, but they ask for a $5 donation. Try it out, and make a donation if you like it.