"Paul [cannot be] both claimant and witness [for himself]." Tertullian, Against Marcion 207 A.D.


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Jeff Writes : Paul Amplified Jesus' Gospel

Paul certainly did preach repentance, Read Romans 7,8. And Eternal Security was only found through repentance of the flesh, look at Hebrews 6:4. Also it was the Spirit of our lord that was in Paul, so we only have one teacher. (July 6, 2012)

My Reply


I cite all those passages too to prove your same point that Paul often affirms repentance and refutes eternal security. http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/JWOS/chapter-26-6jwo-paul.html
But Paul does not always say that, and is read to contradict this in Romans 4:3-5, 10:9, etc. Paul does appear to teach faith alone. And the eternal security verses are numerous yet as you point out contrary to what Paul says elsewhere. See my article Paul's Contradictions of Jesus - under topics of salvation. http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/JWO/pauls-contradictions-of-jesus.html
So I teach that Paul sometimes preaches Jesus' gospel, and at other times he  does not. Most of evangelical Christianity disagrees with you and me that Paul ever preached Jesus' true Gospel taught in Matthew, Mark and Luke. That Gospel supposedly belongs to a defunct dispensation. And they have abundant passages to cite. This is why they came up with the dispensational solution to justify why they disregard Jesus's gospel.
How does a follower of Jesus handle this problem? In JWO, I teach we need to follow Jesus's words, and we cannot safely rely upon the inconsistent or at least 'difficult to understand' words of Paul. Christianity must wake up and reassess Paul's inspiration, which is just something we assume to be operative. In JWO I test like the Bereans would have done so on whether Paul is indeed a prophetic inspired voice, and I found Paul wanting. See ch. 1 of JWO. http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/JWO/chapteroneintroduction.html
So we cannot pick and choose the verses in Paul's writings you and I both like that confirm Jesus when there are many verses to the contrary that have swept away almost of modern evangelical Christianity. I am coming from that background. Perhaps you have never been exposed to a repentance free, belief alone and eternal security doctrinal world but if you go to any Baptist Church this Sunday you will find that you and I are very much a minority view of Paul's doctrine of salvation. But I realize now it is with justification....they have plenty of verses to cite.
So I was where you are at one time. I suggest you look a little more deeply to see that to defend Jesus' words among those sold to a faith alone, eternal security, repentance free gospel, it is urgent they re-examine the inspirational validity of Paul.
Blessings, Doug