"Whatever the devil cannot be or do as it relates to God in Jesus Christ, he will either counterfeit or wipe out." Gary Flannigan, 111: The Media War (2008) at 131.


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Spies and Apostles


The History Channel aired on Naked Archaeologist a show entitled "Spies and Apostles."

Season Three in 2010 had 2 episodes:

  1. "Apostles & Spies, Part 1 (US premier: 23 November 2010 (History Channel International))
  2. "Apostles & Spies, Part 2 (US premier: 24 November 2010 (History Channel International))

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Naked_Archaeologist

A 2 minute clips of Part 1 is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWvkG5px704


The Byline summarizes this story:

Was St. Paul working for the Romans to infiltrate the Jesus movement? Archaeology shows that James, the brother of Jesus, may have gotten short shrift in the Gospels, thanks to Paul's espionage tricks.


I Do Not Recommend This Video


I ordered and watched this video. It invokes a lot of melodrama to excite one about the theory that Paul was a Roman agent. While plausible, it likely cannot ever be proven. It also would suggest Paul was a liar from inception of his conversion, which one should doubt. Could Paul keep up a deliberate masquerade for over 17 years? What about the "signs and wonders" (per Luke) which surrounded him? One would have to think Luke made up all those signs. The truth is that something extraordinary happened to Paul -- the question is whether it was the "blinding angel of light" whom Paul truly met on the road outside Damascus, or the true Jesus? Jesus warned us that the false prophets will have signs and wonders to accompany them. Or did Paul truly meet Jesus? But to say Paul lied about his conversion, and Luke lied about the signs and wonders appears an unjustified way to read those accounts.