Thus says YHWH, "Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it: And you shall find rest for your souls...." (Jer. 6:16)


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crown-thornsChristmas & Easter Errors

Does the Bible condemn our Christmas practices? Specifically, adorning trees with silver and gold?

Is the portrayal of a person known as Santa Claus idolatrous by Biblical-definitions?

Does the name and worship-timing of Easter dishonor God? Was "Easter" a Pagan goddess?

Should we find a different name for the holiday that celebrates Jesus's resurrection?

The answer to all these questions is yes.

The Christmas Celebration in December: Right or Wrong? (PDF) or (HTML, under construction)
The Christmas Tree (PDF) or (HMTL)
Santa Claus (PDF)
Easter (PDF) or (HTML)

Other Study Sources

Jim Staley, Passion for Truth Ministries - You Tube "Get Rid of Easter! Pagan Origins of Easter and Christmas" Part 2 of 8 (14 minutes)  At 10:20, he explains the Catholic Eucharist was to reflect the Sun-God. 

Staley, "Get Rid of Easter!" Part 3 of 8.  

Staley's website is Staley is a sincere follower of Yashua Messiah. He explains that he seeks a Hebrew roots view of Scripture. Staley's statement of beliefs shows he is very traditional and orthodox with the exception of these festivals of Christmas and Easter which he contends are pagan.