If Paul teaches faith alone, he "is inconsistent with authority greater than his own [i.e., Jesus]...."William Paley (1825)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Books Critical of Paulinsim


1. Mark Douglas Given, Paul’s True Rhetoric: Ambiguity, Cunning, and Deception in Greece and Rome(2001) provides proof of systematic guile used by Paul, and unabashedly so. Given collects admissions of these facts from leading reformers. For example, Calvin said about Paul's appearance before the Sanhedrin (Acts 22:30-23:11): "Paul's strategem, which Luke reports, seems out of keeping with a servant of Christ.For the astuteness he used was closely related to a feint, that was not far removed from lying." (Id. at page81.) Given then quotes Calvin defending that this is not lying by Paul, but essentially Calvin means that lying for a greater good justifies lying, as Given explains. (Id.) There is an excellent book review of Given's book at this books.google.link. Given appears to both be an apologist of Paul sometimes while also  recognizing -- apparently from his own honesty -- there are  grounds that justifiably support criticism of Paul.


2. F.F. Powell, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The Usurpation of Jesus and the Original Disciples (2009) - highly recommended. Amazon Purchase link.  My current review -- under construction -- is at this link.


3. Ruy Barraco Marmol, Faithful to Jesus Christianity and The Truth About the Apostle Paul (2012) -- available through his website at this link. An excellent critique from one raised as a Roman Catholic and whose voice is Christ-focused.


4. Dr. John Ben Regesh, J.D., Saint Paul, The First Anti-Christ (2010) - You Tube / Google books link. I have not read, and have no comment.


5. J.D. Sheppard, Jesus vs. Paul: Christianity's Greatest Lies Exposed (2013) - book at Amazon or PDF at this link. See my review which is largely supportive.


6. Daughterty, Apostle Paul - Anti-Christ (2014) - a book I don't recommend. Natalina at Extraordinary Intelligence did a critical review, exposing that the author claimed time travel and "was" present at various events; and the author also promotes as fact historical events involving Nero and Paul as if they actually happened when there is no documentary support. 


7. Know Your Bible 101: Pop Quiz (on Paul) by Pete Rambo, Jewish congregational leader, May 2013 - thought-provoking questions, with surprising truths about Paul.