"Rather…we commend ourselves in every way…through glory, bad report and good report, yet regarded as impostors."  (2 Cor. 6:3, 4 and 6.)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Articles Critical of Paul/Paulinism


Did Jesus Really Send Paul? by Truth Seekers. An excellent, objective and methodical proof that answers no.

Problems with Paul "History of Paul" (very objective). See Problems with Paul Forum to exchange thoughts.

Problems with 'Apostle' Paul -new webcenter beginning 2012 on issue. Different from Problems With Paul website. An excellent page on this site is History of Paul - a comprehensive critique. 

Paul The False Apostle from He Is Yah.com (heisyah.com) - from a Yahweh-Yahshua centric ministry including good worship song materials. Proves Peter's standards to be an apostle set forth in Acts 1:21-22 - been with Jesus since baptism and witness resurrection, and lots more.

"The False Apostle" at NewYork City Bible Study (March 2011) - excellent with Bible quotes.
Questions to Ask Your Preacher About Paul of Tarsus by J. Ward (Facebook, January 2011)
Anonymous, Series of Critical Points on Paul (2010) - pithy points of Paul's self-contradictions, contradiction with Jesus, flaws, etc.
Apostle Paul, Man of Like Passions (2007) - accepts Paul, but says Paul's words are difficult to understand, and must be construed in light of Jesus. Numerous examples of incongruities in Paul's words, and many valid points put in kindly way to reject relying upon Paul. (Hosted here.)

Paulianity, Not Christianity (Dec. 19, 2009 at Nigerian Village Square) - harsh analysis of Paul but points cite valid quotes of Paul

Babe Jesus, Yes, Jesus Words Alone etc. (2006). (One of my favorites; influenced JWO.)
Dan J,Discipleship (2005)(Very influential on my path to JWO.)
AH, Verses Critical of Paul (with no commentary)(2011)
Scott Nelson, http://www.judaismvschristianity.com/ -- many other articles of interest as well.
Femi Aribisala, "Distorting the Word of God" - Paul's misread of Bible to prove no one is righteous.

Femi Aribisal "Is Paul A False Christ?" (July 24, 2016)

Yada Yahweh -- Questioning Paul (2011) See our website review
Yada Yahweh - Acts 19 - Paul's Conversion of John's Disciples - what it implies (2012) - Audio / radio notes.
Anonymous - 2011 For those who doubt Paul
Mishayah's YouTube page - devoted to exalting Yashua's words over Paul's
Paul Problem at FaithWeb - Paul and the so-called Judaizers (our excerpts entitled "Unstable Paul")
Voice of Jesus -- Did Paul Tamper with God's Word? proofs Paul cited out-of-context
End Times Blog - Was Paul A False Apostle? (original link)  or (hosted link copy here)
David Brainerd, Nerdy Stuff from David Brainerd's Brain (2014) -- fun thoughtful critiques of Paul; a lover of Jesus. I don't agree necessarily with any other views at his site.
Mark L. Paul - The Lord's Rebuke (10/2018) -- witty rebuke of Paulinism as rejecting Jesus' words.
Infinite Truth Project - Paul: Apostle or Heretic (2007) - good critical analysis 

Joe Jackson, Paul, the False Apostle (2016) - excellent article --brief yet encompasses many important issues about Paul's invalidity.

Yahowshua or Paul from Essenes.org (2017) before they discussed Paul, they introduce you to a completely unfounded version of Judaism that supposedly preexisted Moses which endorsed reincarnation, vegetarianism, had no animal sacrifice, etc. I would suggest you put all of that to one side and just listen to what they say about Paul that is supported by reliable citations. I would be skeptical of Martin Larson as a source.



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