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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Articles on Paulinism

1. Marcionism- Paulinism of 144 AD was then heresy (html)

5. Luther Killed Jesus' Words Only Movement in Reformation (PDF) or (html)

6. Early Negative Church Views of Paul (html)(June 27, 2010)
7. Paulinist Tares: How To Treat Them? (html)(May 28, 2010)
9. Jesus's Commands on Church Structure (contradicted by Paul)(html)(June 5, 2010)
10. Paul's Flawed Christology (html) (June 6, 2010).
11. More on Benjamite Wolf Prophecy & Paul (html)(June 15, 2010)
15. Paul's Contradictions of Jesus (html)(July 14, 2010) - Spanish version [#2 Most popular article.]
16. Tolstoy Criticizes Paulinism (html)(July 16, 2010)
17. Paul's Trial Before Caesar - A Drama (html and audio)(July 17, 2010)
18. Paul's Words Support Unwitting Blasphemies (html)(July 25, 2010)
20. Jesus's Words on Baptism (versus Paulinist dismissal of its importance)(html)(Aug. 13, 2010)
22. Paul or James' Church: Which Was The Greatest Evangelist? (Aug. 28, 2010)(links to html/pdf)
23. Gates of Heaven: A Modern Pastor Seeks Entry (Drama Indicting Paulinism)(Sept 10, 2010)(html)
25. Paulinist Attorney Gives Us Principles To Test Religious Claims That Unwittingly Destroy Paul's Validity(11/20/10).  [This is the #1 most popular article on the entire website.]
31. Pagan Influences on Paul (July 17, 2011)
32. Paul Abolished Sabbath (July 23, 2011)
36. 3-Fold 1 Page Pamphlet to Hand Out on Jesus' Prophecies to not listen to Paul (Dec. 3, 2011) (PDF). For audio version, listen at Podomatic at this link.
41. skolops  article under reconstruction 
44. Revisiting the Marcan Priority Claim - Proof Matthew 1st, and Mark Edited Matthew To Suit Paul (from Rives, OGM II at 97 which impacts Paul.) (4/7/2012).
73. Are These Evil Immoral Commands / Teachings of Paul? Applying Matthew 7:15 et seq. (5/31/2014)
75. Paul Knocks Marriage in 1 Corinthians 7 (by contributor Nancy) (9/27/2014)
77. Odd Message of Jesus Supposedly To Paul To Leave Jerusalem Without Seeing the Apostles (October 5, 2014)
82. Problems of Paul in Chronological Order (7/12/2015) - by contributor Glenn M.
84. 2 Corinthians Chs. 11-12 - Questions about Paul's Vision (7/24/2015) - by contributor RBL
100. Paul's Gospel versus the Gospel of Jesus (11/5/2016) 
108. Heretical Dualism of 2 Distinct Gods - the Son and Father - in Paul (5/9/2017)
118. Does Second Peter Commend Paul as Apostle? As Holy Scripture? (Dec. 12, 2017) 
120. Elder Dismisses Jesus' Words (3/3/2018) - Introduction to JWO Revised 2018
121. Take a Chance on Jesus Alone (3/3/2018) - A Message from Oswald Chambers
122. Paul Errs That Those Not Under the Law Can Invoke Atonement (3/3/2018) 
123.  Southworth on Saul of Tarsus... Critique of Paul by Sunday School Teacher at turn of last century
127. The Pleasure Trap of Paulinism (2/19/2019) 
128. History of Jesus' Words Only Canon Movement (11/2/2019) 
129. Did Paul Attempt to Bribe the Apostolic church at Jerusalem? (3/19/2020) 
130. Elevating Jesus over Paul -- Handling Objections (3/20/2020) 
131. The Pandemic of Paulinism  (3/25/2020)