"The apostle (Paul) lied [about Peter not] walking uprightly...." (Jerome, quoted by Augustine 397 A.D.)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

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Contradicciones de Pablo de jesus

Aquí está una lista de las principales contradicciones de Paul de cosas que Jesús enseñó. 

Jesús prohíbe a comer carne sacrificada a los ídolos, Pablo diga que está bien

Tres veces Jesús en el libro de Apocalipsis condena comer carne sacrificada a los ídolos, incluso diciendo que es la doctrina de un falso profeta. (Rev. 2:614 (Epheseo); Rev. 2:14-15 (Pergamum); Revelation 2:20 (Thyatira).)

Esta receta absoluta también se establece en el fallo de James en el Concilio de Jerusalén en Acts 15:20.. Luego se repite cuando se puso en una carta. (Acts 15:29.) Finally, James reiterates this for a third and final time in Acts chapter 21. James tells Paul that many claim Paul is teaching lawless doctrine. So James reminds Paul what was the ruling at the Jerusalem Council. He tells Paul that previously "we wrote giving judgment that they [i.e., the Gentiles] should keep themselves from things sacrificed to idols...." (Acts 21:25.)

However, Paul clearly teaches three times that there is nothing wrong in itself eating meat sacrificed to idols. (Romans 14:21;1 Corinthians 8:4-13, and 1 Corinthians 10:19-29.) The first time Paul addresses the question of "eating meat sacrificed to idols," Paul answers: "But food will not commend us to God; neither if we eat not...." (1 Cor. 8:8.) Paul then explained it is only necessary to abstain from eating such meat if you are around a "weaker" brother who thinks an idol is something. (1 Cor. 8:78:109:22.) Then, and only then, must you abstain. The reason is that then a brother might be emboldened to do something he thinks is sinful. The brother is weak for believing eating meat sacrificed to an idol is wrong. This is thus a sin for him to eat, even though you know it is not sinful to eat meat sacrificed to idols. Thus, even though you know better than your weaker brother that it is no sin to do so, it is better to abstain in his presence than cause him to sin against his weak conscience and be "destroyed." (1 Cor. 8:11.)

As Wikipedia says:

A major controversy among Early Christians concerned whether it was permissible to eat meat that had been offered in pagan worship, see also Council of JerusalemPaul of Tarsus, who agreed to the Apostolic Decree, also wrote that it was permitted to do so, as long as a blessing was pronounced over it, and provided that scandal was not caused by it. ("Idolatry and Christianity," Wikipedia.)

For more discussion, see Chapter Six of Jesus Words Only, available at this link to an html page.