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Why Would God Let This Happen?

Mark's Email

Mark wrote me on September 1, 2014 the following brief email:

So basically you're saying that half of the New Testament was written by Satan. Why did God let that happen?


My Reply


You ask why would God allow a false prophet to be added by us to canon? As a test of our faithfulness. God explains in Deut 13:1-5 that He allows prophets who seek to "seduce you from following the Law given you here today" by use of "signs and wonders" as a test whether you will follow the "false prophet" or demonstrate that you "love God with your whole heart and mind" by rejecting the false prophet. It is the most important command of the Bible, Jesus said...if you read on.

Jesus twice quotes snippets from Deut 13:1-5. First, He warns us from being "seduced" by those "false prophets" with "signs and wonders." (Matt. 7:15-23, viz., v. 22; Matt 24:11, 24.)

Second, Jesus says the most important command in the Bible are the few words we only find in Deut 13:1-5 and Deut 6:5 -- "love the Lord your God with your whole heart, all your soul, and all your strength." Jesus was clearly familiar with Deut 13:1-5, and was elevating it to the most important level, and it is tested by God allowing false prophets.

However, most Christians believe signs and wonders confirm a prophet, but they don’t, according to Deut 13:1-5 and Jesus. One can be a true prophet if one gives a true prophecy of an event (Deut.18:20-22) or God speaks from heaven, as He did with Moses and Jesus in front of numerous witnesses, that people should "listen to him." But even if a claimed prophet appears to have signs and wonders and true prophecy, they are false if they attempt to "seduce you from following the commands given you here today" -- the 10 commandments in context. (Deut. 13:1-5.) Or if they contradict a prior validated prophet, and thus try to "diminish" his word, then they are false prophets. Deut. 4:2. See also Jesus Words Only ch. 3 at this link.

So when we apply Jesus' and the Bible's tests, to add the words of new prophets, I contend Paul was not inspired because he fails those tests. We need not determine whether Satan was directly involved in misleading Paul.  Here are proofs Paul is not an inspired prophet:

(a) he contradicts Jesus, and other prior Prophets -see link

(b) he contradicts the Law and teaches that Jews (Romans 7:1-7), and Gentiles who submit to Yahweh as sojourners need no longer follow any of the Law although the Law has numerous provisions that apply to Gentiles, yet circumcision was not one of them with minor exceptions. See link

(c) Paul gives a prophecy of a loss of life in a shipwreck (Acts 27:10) but it does not come true at all (Acts 27:22-24) -- a false prophecy. See link

(d) he utters numerous blasphemies (such as God will bring a "delusion" on the whole earth), albeit likely without Paul having a maliscious intention to do so. See link.


So when we apply the tests Jesus insists we apply to form canon, we must realize first that canon was not officially approved by any post-apostolic denomination until the 1500s at the Council of Trent by the Catholics. Then we must realize it is high time to do this test among us Protestants. [The apostles did have a canon -- Jesus' Words Only. See The History of Jesus' Words Only Canon Movements.]


FYI: Post-Roman Catholicism's origin in 325 AD - when Constantine as Pontifex Maximus exercised his legal authority as Caesar over the church (see Constantine's Damage to Christianity), there were all different versions of the NT over the centuries, with many more books than we have today. Same for Original Covenant writings, which then was widdled down in the King James reissue in the 1800s! This is far shorter than the canon approved at Trent. But no one officially on the Protestant side has ever held an international conference to determine canon. I am urging we do so! See link.


I can tell you are incredulous about suggesting Paul is invalid, based upon the tone of your email.

But be patient, and study. I am only asking you to be loyal to Jesus. That can never spiritually endanger you. So take a look, and read a bit, and I pray Jesus will bless you in your study.

If I may point out one particular passage to study because it made a big personal difference to me. It is Jesus' words warning about those claiming He appeared to them in a wilderness or private place after His Ascension. Jesus said you know this is not himself because He will never appear physically on earth again unless everyone on earth could see him.... His second coming. Matthew 24:4-5, 24-28.

Jesus does not tell us the false-imposter Jesus is Satan. Yet, it is a possibility to consider. And in Paul's case it is highly likely. But I won't go into that here. Even if it were not Satan, it would not change that Jesus says "not to listen" to those claiming to have met Jesus in the wilderness or private room after His ascension. See my article

Jesus' Prophecy Identifying Who Identified Himself to Paul Outside Damascus


That sealed the issue finally for me.... It is 100% clear. And no one writing me has found a way around its application to Paul's account of the Damascus wilderness encounter -- told 3x in Acts -- Acts 9, 22, and 26. I think it will help you resolve the issue in your own spirit. And if you find this truth, then simply follow Jesus and Jesus' words. If you do so, then I believe you are showing obedience to the command Jesus said was the most important command of all -- to "love your God with your whole heart, all your soul and all your strength."

God's Blessings,