"Jesus said 'A disciple is not above his teacher.' (Matt. 10:24.) Yet we make Paul, the disciple, greater than the teacher." (Bercot, Common Sense, 1992)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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jesus-fish-in-the-sandProofs for Creation

God is Creator. In the linked Powerpoint, we examine many proofs that God created the Universe and life. When it comes to life or the universe, scientists are deluded that an inference to intelligent origins cannot be scientific. Instead, it is forensic science at its best. And, it puts credit where credit is due.

Download the English version of this PowerPoint presentation of 'my best proofs for creation.'

Download the Spanish Version of this Powerpoint presentation.

Study Aids

You Tube Page on Mysteries of the Universe -- many Christian ones

Fractals as Proof of Creation - Patterns in Creation