"Jesus said 'A disciple is not above his teacher.' (Matt. 10:24.) Yet we make Paul, the disciple, greater than the teacher." (Bercot, Common Sense, 1992)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Websites & Videos To Visit

Inspirational Videos


Butterfly Lesson - YouTube video making point that without struggles we do not reach maturity

Love God and Keep the Commandments - Video where Exodus 20:7 is sung by a young girl to beautiful music and who then later quotes the entire 10 commandments plus Jesus' command to love your neighbor as yourself. Just heartwarming! The Children shall lead us!

Love God and Keep His Commandments - Mrs. Mom Video series. Cites 1 John 5; John 14:16 ("If you love me, keep my commandments.") See Matt 22:37 (love God with whole mind, etc.)

Parable of the Unforgiving Servant - dramatized (tells it without spin by Pauline pastors)


Name of God  - youtube video presented by Karaite Jew Nehemiah Gordon and why Jews erroneously earlier were taught since 100s-400s not to print or utter the Name. He comes on after a brief introduction. 

Incidentally, Gordon elsewhere contends the Holy Name is pronounced Yehovah, not Yahweh. However, I respectfully believe this is incorrect. See detailed critique of Gordon's arguments at Scriptural Truth Blogspot. Essentially, Gordon would be correct if YHVH was a "conjunction word" or "composite word" (which Gordon calls "compound word"), but it is not. YHVH is a single word. As a compound word, the implied vowels would allide (blend) from an A sound to a EH sound. In a non-compound word, such as YHVH, the YH keeps its same full pronunciation as when it appears at the end of a compound word. So ALLELUYAH -- a compound word -- proves YH at end would at the start of a non-compound word be similarly pronounced YAH.  Hence, in YHVH, the first part is clearly pronounced YAH, not YEH. Then if Gordon were correct, and one treats the last letter H as a suffix to a compound word, then the accent (under Hebrew grammar) is upon that last syllable. In that case, the end would be pronounced UVAH, not OVAH. But YHVH is not a composed / compound word, and thus it is neither UVAH nor OVAH at the end.

My own review makes me confident that the single non-composite word is pronounced Yahweh. This is also the view of the Jewish Encyclopedia, so who is better to know the truth than the Jewish Encylopedia? See link.


The Visual Bible - Gospel of Matthew - over 4 hours --- high quality presentation on YouTube



You Tube, Jesus Words Only- a video of a professional audio of Jesus's sayings. Wonderful!


You Tube, 92 Year Old Woman Stops Attacker with God's Word - uplifting


Jay Greenberg, 12 Years Old Child Prodigy - 60 Minutes 9 min 22 seconds -- his inspiration comes fully formed for classic orchestral pieces he cannot even play but can write. This will provoke your thought about a Genius who is outside our reality who can and will do beneficent miracles in our world. Plus Jay is a nice Jewish boy.


Unnamed pastor preaches The Sissified Jesus -YouTube- condemning modern preaching that does not warn about our sin, and against those who preach that Jesus has no judgment for anyone.


David Platt, Follow Me (You Tube Jan. 2013) - criticizing that the confession of the sinner's prayer saves you.


David Platt, Why "Accepting Jesus in your heart" is superstitious and misleading (You Tube, April 2012) - warns that millions are deluded they are Christians because they said the sinner's prayer which is nowhere exemplified in Holy Scripture.


David Platt, Repenting of Sin and Returning to God (You Tube video, Aug. 29, 2011). Platt shows the context of the quote Paul lifted to teach "call on the name of the Lord" and "be saved" -- read by most to prove salvation is by a sinner's prayer -- was taken from the book of Joel 2:28-32, but in context it meant a repenting people who were fasting. See Joel 1:13-14 (a call to lamentation / repentance). Platt closes with a sermon call to conversion by repentance from sin. He is using a correct first step, and this would be good for deluded Christian people who have never heard a non-Pauline Gospel. I would add Peter quotes Joel 2:28-32 the same way as does Platt -- in a plea for repentance from sin and turning to the Father, and His annointed One, Jesus, in Acts 2:14-41. Hence, Platt is trying to correct the application of Paul's teaching in Romans 10:13. Platt does not acknowledge Paul may be responsibile for wrongfully ignoring the context of Joel, or whether Paul does in fact teach faith alone. For in Romans 10, Paul criticizes Jews who "sought to establish their own righteousness" -- which is not an error but taught in Deut. 6:25 (our obedience is deemed justification). Platt deals with Paul's words in Romans 10 first at minute 28. He says Paul teaches we are to trust in Christ, but then does not try to tell us Paul teaches faith-alone in Romans 10. So we are at a loss to know why Platt can ignore Paul, and not try to explain away Romans 10 in some fashion. In fact, in Romans 10, Paul quotes the Septuagint of Isaiah 28:16 that is rendered by Paul as whoever "believes in him will not be put to shame." But this is a Septuagint mistranslation upon which Paul relies. The verse says in the original Hebrew: "So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: "See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic." (Isaiah 28:16, NIV) So to "rely upon" Jesus, in the true translation, implies to follow and obey. Thus, the change of Isaiah 28:16 by Paul to "believe in" means just that -- faith alone, and "you will be saved." Hence, Platt is leaving open the question of why is he ignoring Paul's meaning. I would say Paul is uninspired, and that is why we must follow Jesus' warnings, and Peter's better example in Acts 2:14-41. On more about the mistranslation in the Septuagint text in Isaiah 28:16, and Paul's misquote even of that Septuagint mistranslation to force faith-alone into the prophet's mouth, see our article Isaiah 28:16, Another Septuagint Mistranslation.


Judgment Day: Judgment by Works -- video exposition by host of The Trinity Delusion website -- on proof texts of judgment by works as salvation-contingent requirement, citing Eccl 12:13-14 (God bring all works into judgment, whether good or evil); Matthew 16:27 (repay every man according to his works); Acts 17:30-31 (Jesus will judge the world in righteousness); Romans 14:10-12 (all men appear before judgment seat of Christ, and give account); 1 Peter 1:17 (God will judge each man according to his work, impartially, and thus Peter exhorts us to live in reverent fear); 2 Cor. 5:10-12 (Christians will be judged for each work, whether good or evil; knowing fear of Lord, we persuade men); Rev. 22:12 (I come quickly to recompense to all men according to what he has done); Rev. 20:11-12 (white throne judgment, all are judged by works written in the books; if not written in book of life, thrown in lake of fire); Matt 25:31-46 (Parable of the sheep and the goats).


Proof that NT Does Not Replace the Old Testament by Torah Life Ministries - He shows Jesus says in Matthew 7 that false prophets are assessed by their "works" -- and in same context Jesus says this is not by signs and wonders - prophecies, miracles and casting out demon -- but by whether you "do the will of God." Then Jesus ties this to Torah when Jesus concludes those who are false prophets are identified by disobedience to Torah, and not whether they did signs and wonders of miracles, prophecies and exorcisms. This video author does not explain what proof Jesus in Greek is saying "disobedience to Torah" - in English "work lawlessness,"  but the author is correct the word here means "break Torah." Jesus says he will telll signs and wonders prophets that "I never knew you" because you work "anomia"  NOMOS meaning Torah. A is a negative prefix. You who work negation of Torah, Jesus will tell, "I never knew you." 


What If Everything You Were Taught About Grace Were Untrue - a heartfelt appeal by video, using Jesus's words, such as in Matthew 18:8 about heaven maimed or hell whole - to warn people about the false cheap grace gospel.


Pauline Christians v Red Letter Christians - author finds verses where Paul lines up with Jesus at various points, and says we need to avoid conflict if possible between Jesus and Paul. To that end, the author cites Peter's letter commenting on being careful with Paul's writings, as many misunderstand them. (2 Peter 3:16-19.) What follows are great exhortations to seek holiness. The author does not prove all Paul's words reconcile with Jesus, but otherwise the author gives a generally wise lesson.


Brother Yara-Shalam. The Bible Trap of Paul's Epistles (You Tube)(Taken Down due to alleged copyright violation)(God sent Paul as a test, as Paul always gives two options -- one lawless and one lawful -- so God can see your heart.) The Bible Trap of Paul's Epistles - part 2 entitled the Pork Deception (YouTube) The Bible Trap of Paul's Epistles - part 3 Pork Deception Part 2 (YouTube),  The Sunday Deception - part 4 in effect of 'the Paul trap'  Tithing Deception (You Tube)(brother shows tithe was on food, not wages) The Rapture Deception (YouTube)(evil persons taken away and 'raptured' (cut out) of the earth; the rapture Jesus spoke about was of the evil, not God's people). While I don't yet know whether it has serious validity, Brother Yara-Shalam in The Conspiracy of The Hidden Identity of Blacks (YouTube) has an intriguing discussion that the East African slave trade primarily took the Ebo tribe who followed Jewish customs to the Americas, and this tribe were descendants of Israelites.  

Yada Yahweh To Believe Paul Must Reject Jesus - at 5 min, discusses Paul's claim in Galatians that others were "pretending" to be apostles of Jesus, implicitly about the 12 apostles.


Jesus' Words v Paul's Words - Keeping Watch 95. A great detailed exposition of contradictions between Jesus and Paul. Many more than I have exposed. Over 1 hour. Paul v Jesus - Keeping Watch, 4 min. Very good.


Truth or Paul by 4th Day at Keeping Watch 95 - short 17 minute video on God's test by false prophet who teaches inconsistent with Law & Testimony (10 Commandments) with signs and wonders, per Deut 13:1-11 and Isaiah 8:20.


Paul: Problems with Paul - 39 videos...a treasure trove of analysis. I haven't looked at yet, but plan to do so.


Was Paul A Fake Apostle by Bible Truth (2018) This is a 4 hour audio that from what I have listened to so far is based on articles on our site, with some independent additional research. I am looking forward to listening, and learning from author more. Very good so far. Her web channell is called Bible Truth. I am very hopeful her work will be good and encouraging for those who have a JWO orientation. 


Paul v Paul  - YouTube showing Paul's self-contradictions. 



General Sermons I Like

The Brethren Church in the USA traces back to the non-Pauline Brethren of Europe. It has a great emphasis on Jesus, and following Jesus. See their Beliefs from brethren.org. So I am now beginning to investigate whether this is a valid Church to recommend to adopters of the JWO principle. 

The very first sermon I listened to -- October 20, 2013 -- was great. It was about Luke's account of the people pressing Jesus at the lake's edge, Jesus getting in the boat, asking Peter to take the boat further out, and there is a big catch. The sermon sees insights into this passage that are not visible on the surface, and thus is very motivating spiritually. So please listen-watch Ben Barlow's sermon for the Brethren Spring 2013 Conference from You Tube.

There is a link to 54 more YouTube videos from the Brethren Church. I am hoping they are equally Christ-focused. If you want to check out a Brethren Church, here is their official search engine to find their churches across the USA. They also do live streaming at 5 pm Pacific on Sundays. I am going to start adding this to my worship time to do Berean testing. Their webcast archives are at this link.

A Presbyterian pastor you may like is at this link...especially those sermons only dealing with Jesus: http://visittrinitycovenant.org/sermons#


Choose Jesus Over Paul Videos 

A young man named Steven passionately and intelligently put up during two lunch breaks at work two great short videos while his friend records. He very effectively uses an easel. His theme is to choose Jesus over Paul. It is to live outside your comfort zone of attending a 'church,' of enjoying a position at church, etc. The young man was amazing. It is in two parts -- here is part one, and here is part two.


Rich in Spirit - False Apostle Paul, Part 1 and Part 2 (2015) I like much of what she says, but I disagree with her rejection of Jesus' death as a sacrifice for our sins (as is clear to me in Isaiah 53 and Jesus' words at the Last Supper). See video # 1 at 2:30-57. On the other hand, I do find her astute about Constantine potentially altering the NT, and censoring dissent, to establish his doctrines. See video #1 at 4:30 et seq. I have not listened to any of her other videos. I see she thinks there are specific prophecies about her race "The Future of the Negros."  I hope it is sensible, but I have not had time to listen to her other works yet.


Ive Ministerio. An excellent video series in 8 parts entitled the False Apostle Paul. Each is 4 hours + long. Before listening, one might be skeptical that one could sustain over 30 hours of critical analysis on Paul's validity. But he does a very thorough and excellent exposition on many passages. I particularly liked his exposition on Romans 7 and 10 in part 2. Here are the 5 parts: Paul the Liar and False Apostle - part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4; part 5; part 6; part 7; and part 8


At Part 1, 52 minutes, the video speaker does a great exposition on Matthew 7:15-23. He explains that many will come in Jesus' name includes false apostles, even though they preach in "my name" and cast out demons in Jesus' name, and did many wonderful works, like epistles, etc., but Jesus will say "I never knew you." It is not they knew Jesus and fell away; Jesus is going to say he 'never' knew them. The worker of "iniquity" more literally means one who break the Law of God. 


Interesting new points not found elsewhere include that at 49:55 of part 1, he points out that if Jesus intended the disciples to know he would send another Apostle to preach primarily to the Gentiles, Jesus would have prophesied of that truth. Instead, as he later points out, Matthew 5:17-19 is a negative prophecy of the least or small one -- the meaning of the name Paul -- that instead was subtly placed as a warning prophecy about Paul.


Eden Cultures, Nailed to a Cross (God's law)?  - Paul says so. Young lady believes in Yahshua, son of Yahweh. She believes OT, Jesus including Revelation are proper authority. Paul contradicts Jesus on idol meats.

The Way - Online Radio Program that Airs in Tampa.

Brother John had hosted a radio program in which he has demonstrated a JWO heart, even over Paul when contradictory. Brother John had a touching focus on "Yashua's" words over Paul's. He endorses the Law, including the Sabbath, but also the higher law of Love in its application that Brother John explains is his view of several teachings of Jesus. Their website was for The Way but the present link appears others took over the radio show who now follow Paul and teach how to gain tax exempt status and start a church. See present link.


In the linked MP3 that I made from an edit to remove commercials/news, you will hear a great appeal by Brother John to a JWO principle, and dispels someone whose heart is not sunk deeply into Jesus / Yahshua's teaching yet. 


Prophecy Videos  
Jews and some Christians believe that Messiah must come to earth in the future to a rebuilt Temple at Jerusalem. But the Dome of the Rock stands in the way if there is to be a rebuilt temple. 
Here is a video on whether the Temple is at the location of the Dome of the Rock, a monument of Islam, or somewhere else. It turns out that the Bible says the Temple is somewhere else -- in the City of David -- a small area almost adjacent to the wailing wall, but distinct from it. There is a lot of valid evidence to consider, in particular passages in the Bible. Here is a link.


Good Sites With Caution

Judah's Back: Changes Paul into Pro-Law Teacher But Otherwise A Good Place to Study

This video claims Paul never taught to go against the Law. (Video 2:19.)

This will be the common way those who love both Paul's words and the Law will tie both together. They will try to deflect the view that Paul said the Law was abrogated. The video author claims Paul taught grace so we would not sin against the Law but to receive forgiveness. That would be nice, if true. But the speaker does not deal with Paul's anti-law verses. He is arguably correct that Paul never "blatantly said to break the Highest Laws." That is if you assume this video commentator means what Jesus called the greatest command in Mark 5 - "the Lord our God is one" from Deut 6:4. But Paul negates both big and small laws, e.g., Paul loosens the law against eating meat sacrificed to idols (link); Paul loosens the right of widows, regardless of age, to charity (link#1; link #2); Paul says one should not seek marriage as this distracts one from God, negating Genesis 2:8 that marriage is good for companionship (link); etc.

Yet, indeed, these may not be the "highest laws," and it seems the video commentator carefully chose his words.

However, arguably because Paul loosened all the commands of the Law, and said they were all done away with, it leaves us to think Paul conceived of no exception for even the command in Mark 5 -- what Jesus said was the "highest law." Paul does not repeat it.

The video commentator's proof that Paul did not do away with the law is weak. He cites Acts 9:27 where Paul debated the Greeks. The video commentator says this implies Paul only criticizes Pagan beliefs. But that does not logically follow. Regardless, I like his intention to say that we must set aside the notion  that the Law is void, whether because Paul supposedly does not abrogate the law, or for reasons I give on this website. Hence, a good result follows from his approach, even though I don't think it has a good foundation that Paul was pro-Law. 

Prayer Encouragement

I like his lesson online about how to pray: 3x a day, standing or kneeling; including Daniel who shut his door and knelt 3x per day. See this link to a 6/6/2014 study. I especially like his guidelines on prayer so I will excerpt here:

How did the Hebrews pray?1.) Hebrews prayed at least three times a day (Dan. 6:10; Psa. 55:17) 2.) Towards Jerusalem (Dan. 6:10; 1Kings 8th chapter; 2Chron.6:18-39) 3.) With spread forth hands (1Tim. 2:8; 1Kings 8:54;2Chron. 6:13; Psa. 134:2; Psa. 28:2; Psa 63:4; Psa. 141:2; Lam. 2:19; Lam.3:41) 4.) Either standing (1Kings 8:22); Kneeling (Dan. 6:10; 1Kings 8:54;2Chron. 6:13; Ezra 9:5; Psa. 95:6; Luke 22:41; Acts 20:36; Acts 21:5; Eph. 3:14); Or Face Toward the Earth (2Chron. 20:18; 2Chron. 7:3; Gen. 24:26; Exo. 4:31)

Can we pray more than three times a day? Psa 119:164 Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments. (Seven represents continually or infinitely) 

 Rick Warren has many constructive videos about prayer. See:

1. Learn how to pray and fast for a breakthrough. (Yes, he says at about 20 minute mark that a mere letter of Paul is "under inspiration of God," but this is still a good passage for edification.)

Inspirational Websites

Bible Study cannot save you (2011) -- only the Words of Jesus -- tells you that obeying Jesus' words is the path of life. Obeying Paul or anyone else is not the criteria of God's judgment.

He Is Yah -- Yahweh-Yahshua centric website with pointers to start worship of Yahweh once more, with links to great Yahweh-songs donated to public domain. Has article critical of Paul.

Path to Light -- A Jesus-centric (no Paul) online ministry with articles on general inspirational topics

Links to studies on Paul at http://www.tshuva.us/Paul/resources.html


Websites & Videos on Why To Not Listen To Paul

Yahda Yahweh, Shabbat Scripture Study (audio file playable online recommended to me March 2013). Narrator says "warnings by God about Paul" is an important issue. This studies Paul's baptism in Acts 19 on those who had been followers of John. Here is a webpage I prepared with the same radio link, and the radio notes that belong to it: Shabbat Study on Acts 19.

Paul  - the Self-Proclaiming Apostle - (Repairing the Breach, 2010) - Part 1 and Part 2 (videos)

The Porkchop Series is insightful -- Part 1 - highlights contradiction in vision accounts (videos).

"Spies & Apostles" (Discovery Channel 2010) - brief highlights. See this link discussion.

"Questioning Paul" by CW (webpage).


Obadiah Johnson, Paul or Saul Contradicts Himself (2/2014)

Obadiah Johnson, Paul Contradicts Our Heavenly Father (3/2014)

Obadiah Johnson, Paul Contradicts Our Savior (3/2014)

Obadiah Johnson, Paul Contradicts Our Lord's Apostles (2/2014). He proves Paul did not have the qualifications that the 11 used to determine the 12th - one who trained all three years under Jesus. Matthias was added as the 12th in Acts 1:21-26 by the Holy Spirit. (4 min mark.)


Sin City Preacher, Refuting Paul Onlyism Part 1 (2015).  Around the 10 minute mark, the speaker quotes H.A. Ironside (1876-1951) who refuted hyper-dispensationalism and Paul-onlyism, saying: "Having had most intimate acquaintenance with Bullingerism ... I have no hesitation that its fruit is evil. ...It has divided Christians, and wrecked assemblies. It has lifted up its votaries to an appalling extent, ... sown discord on missionary fields abroad. ...It is an absolutely Satanic perversion of the truth."  Ironside is addressing Bullinger who was the first modern proponent of this notion -- even though it was Marcion in 140 AD who first said the same thing. Bullinger taught that Paul was the first to be truly saved in the new dispensation on the Road to Damascus. The YouTube at 29:42 says Bullingerism teaches the 12 apostles taught another gospel.

Incidentally H.A. Ironside has a chapter on Ultra-Dispensationalism that addresses whether Paul is uniquely the only apostle. Ironside summarizes Ultra-Dispensationalim at this link from a work entitled Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth.

For another critique of dispensationalism by A Voice in the Desert at this link.

Valid Teaching Ministries


David Bercot, How Do We Harmonize James & Paul - You Tube - Part 1 and Part 2. In part 1, Bercot discusses the error of interpreting Jesus by Paul, when it is just common sense to go to Jesus to learn his teaching.


Bercot, Does God view our righteousness as filthy rags? Video link. Bercot demonstrates Isaiah is praying, and this is not a prophetic statement by God. Bible speaks of actual righteous people based upon their works. He cites Cornelius as an example from Acts 10.


Bercot, What Early Christians Believed About Predestination and Free-will - Video Link.


Steve Schlisell, Senior Pastor, Covenant Community Church in Brooklyn advances law v. faith correctly, as well as salvation. For this, Paulinists excoriate him because he ignores Paul. This is the clue he is on the right track. Here is a Paulinist page with many Schlisell quotes. If you ignore the erroneous critique, you will see a good message. So enjoy "Beware Steve Schlisell."See also Schlissel's own argument on Law and FaithHis church's website is at this link.


Unfortunately, Schlissel still believes in Paul and defends God even lies / tells mistruths, in Schlissel's reliance upon Paul, citing 1 Thessalonians where Paul says God will send a "delusion." (See video.) Schlissel  also relies upon Calvin's favorite passage from 1 Kings where Micaiah, a prophet, said God sent a lie, but I believe this only proved Micaiah was a false prophet. It does not truly prove God lies. Hence, you must be on guard about Schlissel because he still believes Paul is a valid teacher that God lies, as the Reformed churches have long believed.


John MacArthur (generally) - grace to you broadcasts in MP3 Grace to you - Archives. I do not, of course, agree with much of what MacArthur teaches. Yet, there is still value in much of what he teaches -- more so than strict Paulinists. MacArthur teaches a version of 'faith alone' that requires submission to Jesus and obedience to Him. And thus it is not a true 'faith alone' position, but 'faith plus' in keeping with Bonhoeffer, Kierkegaard and other modern critics of the salvation doctrine of the modern church.


Paul Washer, A Shocking Sermon - 2002 (you tube) - claims the greatest modern heresy is that we are saved by saying a prayer to have Jesus coming into our heart. He says instead salvation is by faith alone, preceded and followed by repentance. (Such a salvation formula only starts and ends with repentance and thus is not truly a faith alone doctrine.) He is doing an exposition on Matt 7 where Jesus talks about the narrow gate, and that many will claim they did miracles and signs in his name, but Jesus will say "I never knew you." Other than his forced conformity to 'faith alone,' like MacArthur before him, the message is based upon Jesus' clear words.


Norman B. Willis, Nazarene Israel (2012) -- Amazon link -- sets forth case that earliest Church of Jesus (Yahshua) was Torah-observant, apparently citing alot of good authority.


Path to Light Website -- has links to many of my articles, and otherwise a sober attention to how to study the Bible, apologetics, etc. Here is downloads page.

Videos on Trinity Doctrine

In my books from a decade ago, I assumed the Trinity Doctrine was true.  I have come a long way since. Now I say Jesus was Divine due to the indwelling of the Father, as Jesus said in John 14:10. A young lady has done an excellent exposition in two videos on the flaws in common arguments in favor of Trinitarianism. The Trinity teaches God is composed of three individuals of separate minds and wills, and each has a right to be worshipped as God apart from the other, yet each are part of a unity and hence God is still ONE. Here are her great and short videos:

1. Trinitarian Reasoning is Dangerous

2. A Few Questions for Trinitarians 



Jeffrey Dean Series - False Christ of Christianity / Trinity  

Episode 1. He points out that Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus' Christ. Jeffrey quotes that Rev. 1:1 which says it is a "Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to him" -- keeping Jesus disjoined from God. (Video 3:25 mark.) Episode 2.


Bercot, What Early Christians Believed About the Trinity -YouTube For a website critical of the Trinity doctrine with links to man You Tubes it producd, see Trinity Delusion


John's Recommendations on Trinity Debunking Pages


A participant in my weekly fellowship, John J., recommended the following websites:   


The Trinity Examined: God's Word Is Truth Over Church Tradition 


Pagan Trinity Exposed


Videos on Salvation Doctrines

Five Marks of the False Grace Movement (6/2012) by John Burton. His website is at this link. I do not agree with his view that we should not pray for our needs because God supposedly promised to fulfill our needs - supposedly without being asked to do so. See link


Escape from Pauline Cults, e.g., Jehovah Witnesses 


Jonathan's Website - ExJW Analyzer at this YouTube site - 20k subscribers



Streaming Studies 

Book of Isaiah 


Peter Cartwright and the Great Awakening - summarized


Summary of Law Given Moses for Christians

From CW who authored Questioning Paul, he provides a synopsis at a separate website that summarizes the Law in a clear outline at http://theownersmanual.net/ 


Law Given Moses Ten Commandments -

Intro by Dennis Praeger - importance God gave.


Study Tools

Zondervan's Basics Of Biblical Greek - $107 through Bible Gateway at this link

Interlinear Scripture Analyzer - PC Software Free - displays Greek text and meaning. Has several free modules.

Good Religious Magazines

First Things -- a cross section of religious views from a broad Christian & Jewish perspective

Jesus-Centric Books

The Complete Sayings of Jesus (1927 book posted online) - synthesis of 4 gospels by topics

Websites & Videos I don't Recommend

Somewhat Off-Base Anti-Paul Videos

Trustin JC "Apostle Paul is a Ravening Wolf Part 1" September 2011 (12 min 57 sec)

Sounds logical and appropriate through 85%. Says something is not right in pulpit. Many teach Jesus' words are for Jews only and Paul is for everyone else. One proof Paul was prophesied by Jesus is when Jesus said "beware yeast of the Pharisees." Paul was a Pharisee. A hint who one of the false prophets is going to be. Jesus also said "beware the sheep in wolf's clothing." Look into different tribes of Israel. Look at each tribe what is their insignia -- some use a deer, ox, etc. But the tribe of Benjamin uses as its emblem a wolf. Paul tells us he comes from the tribe of Benjamin. These are aspects of Paul -- Benjamite and Pharisee -- that we should focus upon.

At 12:57, he quotes the non-canonical book (which I never have heard of) entitled Last Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs. He says there is a prophecy from Benjamin himself called "Testament of Benjamin" within that book. He is quoting from modern book entitled "Lost Books of the Bible." At Ch. 2 verse 18, speaking of Savior and end-times, it discusses God will come in the flesh of a man, and Benjamin will say at one point he will no longer be called a "ravening wolf." This author misses the better quote which is Genesis 49:27. Then he discusses Jesus mentions the ravening wolf in sheep's clothing. He defends that alot of scripture exists outside the Bible which I find highly dubious. But then he goes in the correct direction that Paul contradicts the teachings of Jesus. Hence, it is ok for much of it, but alot of it treats as authoritative non-Scriptural sources without proof of their validity.

Trustin JC Apostle Paul as a Ravening Wolf Part 2 (September 2011) -15 minutes

He points out that Church was paganized at time the canon process was being completed. The pagan highest day became Christ's birthday; Sabbath was banned, etc. Let's look at fruit of Paul and see if contradicts self or lies. In Philemon, Paul says "I am not going to mention you owe me your very soul." But Trustin says this is false that another owes you their soul if you led them to Christ. We only owe our soul to Jesus, but not to Paul. (Bravo!) Second, Paul says when around Jews he will follow the Jews, and when he is around pagans, he will act no longer as a Jew but accomodate the pagans. When Peter supposedly does a similar thing, Paul calls Peter a hypocrite. This video is essentially ok. I just think it loosely makes claim that the church was entirely paganized at the time the canon process completed. I would say canon was never even decided in that period. It was only until Council of Trent it was agreed upon -- and that was in the 1500s!

Completely Off Anti-Paul Videos:

"False Apostle Paul and Apostate Church of Today" - Unstitched Mouth 9/18/2011

  • This author begins well -- saying it is not faith alone that saves. If you don't follow up by obedience, it is as if dead, as James said. The good news - Gospel -- Yahshua -- he claims God in the flesh to remarry his bride had to die to fulfill that part of the Law. Thus, he believes God had to die to fullfill the Law, and this is how he could remarry Israel whom he 'divorced.' (I think this accepts Paul's flawed Christology in Romans 7:1-7, and is blasphemy. God is immortal. See our article Paul's Flawed Christology.) But this death of God (uggh!) supposedly does not change God's doctrine. Then Unstitched says Jesus came for the lost sheep of Israel, his bride, and not Gentiles. (Then why did Jesus's final words before His ascension tell the apostles to "teach the nations everything that I commanded"?) Unstitched says Christianity offers adoptionism where everyone can be adopted, and this author says no one else can enter into the faith but Jews. (I think this goes too far, and if true, Jesus should have said so. Portions of the Mosaic covenant were obligatory on sojourners / Gentiles who lived in community with Jews, so if only Jews can be saved, then why did the Law's benefits extend to sojourners who voluntarily sought atonement?)

Pro Paul Videos To Inform You Of Normative Pauline Christian Views

The Pauline Paradox - Part 1 - Is the Majority Ever Wrong? (50 min) "works have no relationship to salvation" At 5:42, however, they question whether the Law could truly lose validity later. Would God have to free us from Laws that give freedom? Mainstream doctrine teaches us that we are freed by getting rid of the Law, making the freedom offered by Jesus different from that freedom offered by the Father. The Law is "perfect" and then how can it be later more "perfect." They cite and quote Paul as the word of God. This video helps prove to those who know the Bible's definition of apostasy that Paul's teachings directly lead to such an outcome. This video embraces what the Bible identifies as apostasy (which results in a lost condition) as proper and right. Uggh!

Woe Unto You Lawyers - Q - a critique for 15 minutes of our website. Nothing substantive -- just snipes, and claiming we are from "Satan."

Was Paul a False Apostle? Part I. This video begins by portraying that the only people who thinks Paul is not a true apostle are either atheists, Muslims, or people in the occult.  This relies upon judging an issue by attacking the person speaking. This is known as the Ad Hominem Fallacy.  At 28:23 mark of the video, he now tells you that Jesus did teach the Law, but  Paul correctly tells us not to follow the Law because what Jesus offered was rejected by Jews. This is why Jesus chose Paul to go to Plan B. The author does not tell you, but this is known as Dispensationalism -- of the hyper variety. Jesus' teachings are supposedly completely irrelevant, and only Paul's teachings -- which never quote Jesus in any epistle to support a doctrine. This video speaker claims that the Law will become important again in the future in the milennium kingdom. I would comment that all dispensational doctrines are false. They contradict multiple of Jesus' statements, such as telling the apostles just prior to his Ascension to teach the nations "all that I commanded you." But this video author think we are supposed to believe Jesus taught Paul not to do so, and instead told Paul what Paul alone taught. Also, Jesus said the Law would not pass away until the heavens and earth pass away. But I would comment that Paul teaches, and dispensationalism agrees, that the Law has faded / passed away, which was supposedly signaled by the glory-light fading away from Moses' face after speaking with Yahweh.

Brad Scott, Messianic. False Apostle or Falsely Accused, part 1. In first 27 minutes, he claims Paul may appear contradictory of Christ, but he contends that is by means of argument where we do not track carefully somehow, but instead we can "solve the situation," if we try hard enough, to find no contradiction. I too agree we should find plausible explanations that do not present contradictions between Jesus and Paul, but after a while, a valid set of 25 contradictions are unavoidable.

The first point is he addresses 1 Cor. 11:1-2 at the 27:26 mark. This verse begins "be ye followers of me even as I am a follower of Messiah." Then Brad says he would have no leg to stand upon [that Paul does not contradict Jesus"] if Paul said "be ye followers of me...." Why anyone argues there is a contradiction between Jesus and Paul here, I don't know. To me, it only means that Paul believes his behavior is an ideal replica of Jesus' behavior. That claim is what gives rise to contradiction by DEEDS, not words. For example, in Jesus was "no guile," but Paul boasts to the Corinthians of having captured them with "guile." The walk of Paul - his deeds -- contradicts the walk of Christ. So it is not true we should imitate Paul and thereby will replicate the walk of Jesus. Rather, Paul's walk is at odds with Jesus, and we must look only to Jesus' walk if we want to be disciples of the true Jesus. So I find this first point rather weak, and misdirected to not comprehend where the contradiction arises from this quote - not in words, but in deeds.

Speculative Anti-Paul Works

In Jeffrey Daugherty's Apostle Paul Anti-Christ (Jan 2014), he writes a fictional work that claims to be based in history that claims (according to reviews) that Paul knew Jesus during His ministry. That perhaps he was the rich young ruler who went away chagrined he had to give his money to the poor. I don't think mixing pure speculation in a book of valid points commends a book that tries to have the ring of truth. It has to be small bits of narration to verifiable events to bring them alive, rather than bring to life speculative events along with true events.

For more on this work, see Daugherty's radio blog at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jeffreydaughertyshow

Historical Videos

How Christianity Was Invented -- Speculation that Rome invented Jesus. Bogus for most part except if you know Constantine changed Jesus into traits of Sol Invictus... these traits of Jesus did not arise earlier.

Unexplained and Strange Archeology - some flood geology mixed with the overlap of building techniques and scientific knowledge between Mexico, Bolivia and Egypt. The evidence suggests a pre-flood culture of 10,500 BC.

Worship Music - praise of Yahweh and of Yahshua

Inspiring Music 

Procrastination Issues Addressed by World Mirrors Jesus' Spiritual Lessons:

Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy (YouTube) - focusing on the main task, and not worrying about the rest - sounds a lot like Jesus - seek first the kingdom of heaven, and its righteousness, and these things (that you worry about) will be added to you.

Steps to Confidence part one (You Tube)