"The law of YAHWEH is perfect, reviving the soul." Psalm 19:7


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Prayers and Edification

Jesus Movies

King of Kings 1961 -- essentially the Gospel of Matthew with some minor license taken - starring Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus - the first captain on the 1960s Star Trek Enterprise TV program. He died after the Star Trek pilot landed it a network slot. The pilot was cut up and made into episode #5. This King of Kings portrays frankly the most forceful and manly Jesus among the lot of Jesus portrayals. I love his portrayal of the Sermon on the Mount. You can watch it instantly on demand from Amazon at this link: King of Kings (1961). As one Amazon commentator says: "unlike other actors who have played Jesus in the more sublime, 'stained-glass' manner that appears to be the norm, Hunter's portrayal showed a very human, energetic Messiah."

Gospel of Luke (1979) -- a very edifying work free on You Tube - 2 hours. Stars Brian Deacon. At least this Jesus / Yahshua among all the version smiles!  The Spanish version is at this Link. If you wish to purchase from Amazon in DVD or live stream it from Amazon prime, go to this link: Jesus.

The Gospel of John (2005) in a modern movie of 3 hours length, with Spanish subtitles, is at this YouTube link. Or you can buy a DVD from Amazon at this link:  The Gospel of John.

Gospel of Matthew You Tube -- unfortunately, with an actor playing Jesus with a NY accent. I am from NY, so this is not a slight on my fellow Bronxites, but only a Bronxite like myself would enjoy it. It is 4.5 hours.

"What is Truth?" You Tube. This is the question of Pilate in Passion of Christ. It is 1 minute - one of my favorite moments in cinema about Christ. Pilate's reaction is so true-to-life then for a Roman judge-ruler, as well as today for the many who weigh Christ's absolutes against the ambivalence which prevails. The world often does not know whether to accept Jesus because it means they would have to accept absolutes of right and wrong, and they just don't know if they are ready to do so.

Other Edifying Videos

Joseph (from Genesis) - 3 hour YouTube movie. Martin Landau is in the movie. 

Abraham - 3 hour YouTube with Richard Harris and Barbara Hershy

Moses - 3 hour YouTube -- with Ben Kingsley as Moses

Illustrative of Paul's Life - for those knowledgeable to see what is in plain sight

Acts of the Apostles (3 hours) - another link.
Paul (dramatized biography 1.5 hours)
Paul, the Apostle (2 hours 50 minutes)

Edifying Music Videos

Flo Rida - I Cry (2012) from YouTube - background on rapper. When he thinks he is under water, he looks up to the Ceiling, as the verse says, and begins reading his Bible. A great exhortation video.

Worship Songs

See our page "Music Manager" where we give recommendations on both contemporary praise music as well as Hebraic-Yahweh centric praise music.

Refreshing Approaches

I am Second teaches to place God over yourself. See this webpage: http://www.iamsecond.com/about/

Edifying Believer

Jeremy Morris You Tube - Christian songwriter - has right attitude of humility and not seeking money

Courting Materials

Here is an excellent website to help your young children be courted in a manner that will enhance the likelihood of a happy marriage.

Teaching Your Children

Charles Dickens, The Life of Our Lord (1849) is a great book to read to your children. Dickens wrote it for himself and his children. It was the last thing he wrote. It was not intended for the public which makes it even more admirable how well it was done.  You can read it free online from Google books at this link. You can also purchase it from Amazon at this link: The Life of Our Lord: Written for His Children During the Years 1846 to 1849.

Exhortation from Eden Southworth in her great novel entitled 'Lost Heiress'

This 1854 work is a classic, and can be read to your children nightly. It has many edifying moments in a thrilling story. You can purchase it at this Amazon link: The Lost Heiress.

Included is this prayer written as part of dialogue:

And who shall care for you?
And who shall help and shelter you when the burden grows too
heavy for your strength and the storms beat too fiercely
upon you?
There is One who cares for you, who will shelter you under the
shadow of His wing...One who invites you to cast all your cares
on Him. He is the God of the fatherless and of the widow,
without whom not a sparrow falls to the ground,
much less one of you.
And there is no limit to His love or to His power.
And in your times of trial, when you are about to faint under the heat
and burden of the day, cast all your cares on Him,
because He cares for you.
And when you are weary and heavy-laden go to Him
and He shall give you rest.
When you are tempted to murmur at your fate,
and to long for the peaceful, sheltered lot of othersremember
that the post of danger, of difficulty,
of toil and privation, is also the post of Honor.
Like a wise general chooses his best and most valued soldiers
for the posts of difficulty and danger, (He chose you)
and He sympathizes with you....watches over you....
is ever ready to come to your aid,
that 'as your day so shall your strength shall be',
that you shall not be tried more than you are able.
You may be small and weak but your Father is ALMIGHTY.
In our weakness is His strength made manifest."
[Quote from "The Lost Heiress" by EDEN Southworth]

Nature Videos

Aquarium - You Tube - 2 hours
Aquarium - You Tube - 28 minutes
Aquarium - You Tube - 27 minutes
Stargaze - You Tube - 25 minutes
Planet Earth Seen From Space - You Tube - 30 minutes. 2.9 million views.
Earth Amazing Sites - You Tube - 9 minutes - set to Lorena McKennit
Best Earth Footage - You Tube - 5 minutes - Enigma & Mix
Ocean 1080 HD - You Tube - 10 minutes - Mooki Ana Low music
Fractals in 2010 Mandlebrot Oddysey - set to 2010 Space Oddyssey - 11 minut