Ebionites "thought that it was necessary to reject all the epistles of [Paul], whom they called an apostate from the Law." Eusebius, Church Hist 3:27 325 AD


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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A blogger by the name Jesus for Me argues just from common sense that the Jesus Words Only principle is the safest, cleanest, and most appropriate standard to look at the NT canon.  It evidently is just taking principles in the NT, and putting them together to reach the deduction we must follow Christ's teaching, and only His teaching. We read from a post on May 31, 2009 -- which blog-service has since been taken down:

Jesus' words compel me to follow him. ...

People here really confuse me  On one hand they say the "Jesus words only" is heresy (which really blows my mind, people THINK about what you are saying) then turn around later and say [they] only listened to Jesus' teachings. Which is it? Or is it only okay when it is said by them or the[ir] wording. Is Gordy really teaching or is he repeating what Jesus himself said? I watch him continually point people back to Jesus and yet people are offended by that. WHY????? Does Jesus' words challenge the belief system that we hold? Maybe what He actually says scares the mess out of us and we want to deny that what we been doing might not be right. There are SEVERAL things that Jesus says to  DO that people around here avoid like the plague when mentioned. How about the fact that Jesus said that FEW would ever find the way? That one statement in itself contradicts what we have been taught.

**** I'm also sure that people will get defensive and attack so have at it. But all these defenses that go up around here....you really need to question why.

One thing that keeps nagging me is that Jesus said to go out and preach the gospel...his words. And somewhere I vaguely remember Jesus said we are not to be teachers (correct me if I'm wrong) as there is only one teacher and that is him. I see a lot of "teachers" here and not a lot of people preaching what he said but what men say.