"It is of great importance to straighten out this inverting of the relationship, criticizing Christ by Paul, the Master by the disciple." Kierkegaard, My Task (1855)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Clement - Letters to Corinthians

First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians - it was originally part of first canon, but rejected later for speaking of worlds beyond the ocean - which turns out to have been true.

On Law of Moses

Clement's First Epistle affirms in 1:5 that the Christian community initially "walked according to the Laws of God," but recently "walked [not] according to the rule of God's commandments" (2:4).

On Rapture

Clement quotes Jesus at 7:4. The rapture is of the evil off the earth in 7:10.

Father Was Creator (No One Else)

In 8:3, the "Father" is " the creator of the whole world."

Repentance, Faith and Justification - All Mixed 

In ch. 9, repentance of Christians will prevent condemnation. Justification by faith is affirmed in 13:20. However, later, it says obedience results in salvation: "the man who with humility and eager gentleness obeys without regret the righteous commandments of God, this man will be listed and enrolled in the number of those who are saved through Jesus Christ, through whom be glory to God for ever and ever." (The Apostolic Fathers (ed. Jack N. Sparks) (Thomas Nelson, 1978) at 49-50, section 57.)

Affirms "This Day I Have Begotten Thee" Applies to Jesus

In 16:20 quotes Ps. 2, this day I have begotten thee and applies to Christ. This appears at 36:3 of 1 Clement in The Apostolic Fathers (ed. Jack N. Sparks) (Thomas Nelson, 1978) at 38.)

Sacrifice and Offerings At Jerusalem Must Continue

In 17:14-22, Clement affirms that we must continue our offerings and sacrifice, and mentions not done everywhere except at Jerusalem - which would date this letter to pre-70 AD.

Paul is Cited

In 19:20, he quotes Paul.

Priests Are Over The People?

Clement is concerned in 19:24 about a sedition against 'priests' put over the people. [This appears to be an editorial change centuries later. There is no recorded priest tradition in the early church unless this substantiates it. If this is original, this may be the Levite  priest continuing their Temple role. After all, Clement has sacrifices continuing.]

Jesus' Commands Are Those To Follow

Clement exhorts us in 20:1 to "keep the commandments of Christ."