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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Library Resources

Jesus' Words Only Bibles (Miracles Included!)

Pure Jesus -- $10 -- just the words of Jesus [I have no affiliation]
S.A. Carrick, And Jesus Said (2006) -Jesus' Words extracted from each Gospel. [I have no affiliation]

New Testament Tools

Greek NT Lindell at Perseus Tufts -- starting Matthew 1:1starting Acts 1:1.
Abarim Interlinear Greek NT Online - amateur but excellent and in depth discussion of word meanings.
Greek Study Bible at Biblos with verse by verse studies, with Greek, e.g., Romans 6:6 as starting link.
Bible Gateway (all different versions including NIV), e.g, 2 Corinthians 5.
Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature -- starts with link to "Logos"
Early Christian Writings - each book of the NT and early candidates for canon - with E-Catena links.
E-Catena Index (sometimes this is more complete than if you go into www.earlychristianwritings.com book by book) http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/
Interlinear Greek-English NT - Westcott-Hort in PDF
Egerton Mss -- early papyrus of gospel version ca. 150 AD
Egerton mss - translations
A Student’s Guide to New Testament Textual Variants Matt. 18:26-28:6 at http://www.ovc.edu/terry/tc/lay03mat.htm (use this to find variants for any text by going to root).
Net Bible - look up Greek word in Search box, and all verses in English translation where it is used appear in list. Excellent overview.
Net Bible - starting with Matt 1, with easy links to Articles, Greek on right side.

Greek Dictionaries & Lessons

Thayer's -- begin with entry for 'Epistamai"
Renn, Expository Dictionary -- starting with "Epistomai"
"Logos" -- Greek history of word in Wikipedia
Perseus Tufts - classical Greek look up with Liddell
Lexilogos -- look up Greek word using English
Robertson Word Pictures, e.g. Rev. 2:14 at CCEL
Robertson, Word Pictures in Mathew - google books.
Robertson, Word Pictures in Romans - google books
B.H. McLean, New Testament Greek: An Introduction e.g., p. 100 "Deponent Verbs."  (Ebook is $17.50 from Google.)

Latin Dictionaries

Perseus word dictionary for Latin
Latin Phrase Translation - good pop up dictionary
Ainsworth Latin Dictionary - 1837 -- quite good - links to "Pauxillus."

Hebrew Dictionaries & Hebrew Training

Strong's Numbers (for lookup)
Hebrew for Christians - helpful short articles - http://www.hebrew4christians.com/

Ante-Nicene (Pre-325 A.D.) Writings

Christian Classics Ethereal Library -- link -- starting one with Tertullian works by Schaff.
AnteNicene Fathers (Donaldson/Roberts) Vol. 4
AnteNicene Fathers (Donaldson/Roberts) Vol 5
Ante-Nicene Fathers (Holmes) -Vol 7 (Tertullian Against Marcion in English, etc.)
Tertullian, Against the Jews [dubious to me as truly written by Tertullian]
Ante-Nicene Fathers - Vol. 5 Hippolytus -- CCEL.org
AnteNicene Fathers (Donaldson/Roberts) Vol. 8
Ante Nicene Fathers (Donaldson/Robers) Vol. 19 (Arnobius contra Gentes)
Ante Nicene Fathers (Donaldson/Roberts) Vol. 23 (Origen Contra Celsum)
Ante-Nicene Fathers - Commentaries of Origen at 291 et seq.
Augustine, Sermons 148-183 (Ebook available $17) at this link.
Augustine, Sermons 230-272 B (1994)(full view in books.google.)
"Shepherd of Hermas," The Apostolic Fathers (1897) at 291.
"Didach, or the Teachings of the Twelve Apostles," New Arcaelogical Discoveries, etc. (1917)
Irenaeus (180 AD) Against Heresies
Journeyings & Martydrom of Barnabas the Apostle (explains conflict with Paul & Barnabas; and role of John Mark between them)
Roger Pearse's Tertullian Project

Post-Nicene (325 AD and Later)

Jerome, "Against Helvidius / aka Perpetual Virginity of Mary" Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers at 334
Epiphanius, Panaron - section on Ebionites (1987).


Writings of Tertullian (1881) Vol. 3
Tertullian, Against Marcion (Book V is best) - from Ante-Nicene Fathers (Schaff) at 429 et seq.
Against Marcion ( Christian apologetics and research ministry) starting at book 3 -- online version
Tertullian, On The Flesh of Christ (CCL)

Early Church History

Eusebius, "Ebionites," Church History excerpted A Select Library of Nicene & Post-Nicene Writings Vol. 1 at 158 
Eusebius - Church History at CCEL
Eusebius, Church History at New Advent, e.g., Book 3.
Ferdinand Baur, Church History of The First Three Centuries (Williams & Norgate: 1879) Vol. 2
Bingham, Antiquities of the Christian Church (1843) Vol. II
Bingham, Antiquities of the Christian Church (1711) Vol. III
Bingham, Antiquities of the Christian Church Vol. IV
Bingham, Antiquities of the Christian Church (1829) Vol. V
Bingham, Works of: Antiquities of the Christian Church Bks. 14 and 15.
Cave, William & Taylor, Jeremy, Lives of the Apostles (1676) - beginning at page 194 about James
Emil Walter, New discoveries in the origin of Christianity (1900). At 95-103 are comments on Romans 7 & Trinity doctrine.
George TomlineElements of Christian Theology (1818) Vol. 1 at 345 (biography of Paul)
Joseph Priestly, The Corruptions of Christianity (1782)
The Christians.com - nondenominational society studying Christian history from within central tenets


Robert Bradshaw, Marcion: Portrait of a Heretic (a well-documented webpage.)
Tertullian, Against Marcion (Book V is best) - from Anti-Nicene Fathers (Schaff) at 429 et seq.
Tertullian, On The Flesh of Christ (CCL)
Marcionite Research Library, "The Marcionite Reconstructed Texts."  - Marcionite "Luke"
Marcionite Research Library, "Galatians by Marcion" in Greek Interlinear (PDF)  "Romans" in PDF
Marcionite Scriptures, Marcion's Antithesis
Marcionite Scriptures - Luke's Gospel
Inglis, Marcion (the best most comprehensive website on Marcion on Internet)
Inglis, Luke viz. Luke 1-2 as addition?
Joseph Tyson, Marcion and Luke (2006) 

NT With Commentary

Adam Clarke, New Testament with careful commentary books.google.com
Adam Clarke, Adam Clarke's Commentary in html format
Christopher Wordsworth, New Testament with Commentary (1867) Vol. 3 (Paul's letters)
John Locke, Writings of John Locke (1823) Vol. 8 (commentary on Romans)
John Locke, A Paraphrase of...Galatians (1704)
USCBB New American Bible - 2011 - Catholic - typically excellent footnotes

Vulgate Version of Bible

Latin Vulgate from Bibletools - Matt 28
Latin Vulgate from Sacred Texts - 1 Cor. 4

Versions of the Bible

Revised Standard Bible (not in Bible Gateway as an option).
Jewish Publication Society Version (1917) (not in Bible Gateway as an option) Jewish Publication Society - Jewish Virtual Library (Exodus 20)
Tyndale 1536 English Bible, lands on 2 Tim. 3:16.

Sermons and Sunday School Lessons

A. Shauffler, Select notes on the International Sunday school lessons (1878) - excellent, thorough

Gospel of Matthew Focused Studies

Origen's Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew - page 409 et seq.
Matthew Henry, Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (1836) - Matt. ch. 22.
Davies / Alison Analytical Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (1988) - detailed word studies
Aquinas, Commentary on Matthew (1820). Part 1 chs. 1-10
Olender, Righteousness in Matthew (2008) - Pauline interpretation that righteousness in Matthew meant love of God or neighbor, not Pharisaic following of rules as rules.

Gospel of John Focused Studies

Origen's dispute with Heraclean over 1:8, and 1:18 (logos)
Fourth Gospel -- portal to all things on John's Gospel - http://www.fourthgospel.com/

Gospel of Luke / Acts of Apostles Focused Studies

Bible Query.org - excellent synopsis of all variants, age of variants, etc., showing 97% accuracy to manuscript.

Robert Nguyen Cramer - Variants in his Commentary on Acts of Apostles - link  


Corruptions of NT Transmission

Codex Washingtonianus (Wikipedia) - 4th century manuscript 4 gospels -- one of oldest complete mss.
"First Century Gospels Found," Codex Washingtonianus.org
Variants by Analtyical Literal Translation -- TOCMatthewPauline Epistles,  etc.
Sinaiticus (not Syriac Sinaiticus) - velums with English translations.
The Diegesis - Being Origins and Evidences of Christianity (1829) by Rev. Robert Taylor. (In HTML, not PDF.) Highly critical and virtually anti-Christian. However, he has some citations worth following up on regarding corruptions and canon problems.

Apocryphal New Testament Materials

Apocryphal New Testament by Jeremiah Jones (1849)

Gospel of Peter Gospel of Judas Gospel of Mary

Egerton Papyrus -- Unknown Gospel - very close to Matthew -- small portions

Protovangelium of James

OT With Commentary

Jonathan Edwards Works (1839) - on Daniel

OT Canon Formation - World Internet Bible College

OT in Hebrew tools -- choose all versions, e.g., Tanach from Chabad.org

Samaritan Pentateuch in English translation

"Some Mistakes of Moses" (1880) -- biased attack on Mosaic law as unjust

Duration of Sojourn in Egypt - problem caused by Gal. 3:17   

Jewish Translation with Rashi Commentary (Chabad.org)


James Murphy (Prof. Hebrew, Belfast), A critical and exegetical commentary on the book of Genesis, with a new translation (1863) - favors gap for Genesis 1:1-2 (pp. 34-36)



Enoch by August Dillmann

"Divinely Inspired or Heresy?" (defends validity)


Bible Encyclopedias

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Ed. James Orr)(1915) - books.google.com
Coltret, Bible Dictionary (1832) - excellent
"Habakkuk," Bible Encyclopedia.net (like Wikipedia based upon IBE) -- excellent to begin search on any book of Bible 
Schaff / Herzog Religious Encyclopedia (1891) Vol. 2.
Wikipedia Articles:


Canon Formation

Original OT and NT Canon Order (graphic) - from Originalbiblerestored.com
"History of the New Testament Canon" in Friedrich Bleek, Introduction to the NT (Clark 1870) Vol. II                    at  233 et seq. (very elaborate history of formation of NT canon).
"Griesbach Two-Gospel Hypothesis" (of Matthew-Mark), Wikipedia
"The Words of Jesus in the Original Aramaic," YouTube (book author explains book)
Revelation / Apocalypse - defense as canon
Biblical Inerrancy Cannot Be True - our article
1 Peter (doubts on Peter as author) at EarlyChristianWritings

Septuagint Greek Translation of 257 BC

Septuagint Errors in Translating Zecharia from Eija Asada, The Hebrew Test of Zechariah 1-8 at 22
Complete English Translation - online and downloadable PDF

Dead Sea Scrolls - 250 BC-65 AD

Dead Sea Scrolls.org

Flint's Paralell Translation of Isaiah Scroll with JPS version in second column

Habakkuk Pesher 1QpHab or this link.

Habakkuk Pesher with commentary

Damascus Document 

Dead Sea Scrolls Bible in English (excellent)


Law Given Moses

613 Mitzvot (Commandments)




Paulinism Critics

Bercot, Will The Real Heretics Please Stand Up (1999).

Nicolas Boulanger and Peter Annet, Critical Examination of the Life of St. Paul (1746, trans. 1823)

Kierkegaard, Kierkegaard's Attack on Christendom (Princeton University Press, 1968) - books.google.com

Philosophotos Aletheias, Die Evangelien (1845) - saw Paul as "evil genius" of early Christianity, and distorted gospel. (Mentioned in Schweitzer at 124.)

F.C.Baur, 1831 article - contended Paul developed doctrines in opposition to Petrine branch of Christianity. See discussion in  A. J. M. Wedderburn, Paul and Jesus at 17. Baur criticized the authenticity of some portions of the gospels. In 1886, was a work The Apostolic Age by Weizsacher in the same vein. (Wedderburn, id., at 19.)

Thomas Paine, Age of Reason (1794) at 25.

Tolstoy, My Religion (1885).

William Wrede, Paul (1904). For analysis on Wrede, see Wedderburn: 24.

Sabine Baring-Gould, A Study of St. Paul, His Character & Opinions (1897) - see page 122.

Edgar Jones, Paul the Stranger.

Scott N. "Paul, the False Apostle."

Julian, Emperor of Rome, The Galileans, from Tertullian.org

"Jesusism," Wikipedia [article grouping pepole who emphasize Jesus' teachings over Paul. Oversimplistic, but a broad introduction to critics.]


Paul Defenders

"A Defense of the Apostle Paul" (2006)

"Do Paul's Vision Accounts Contradict Themselves in Acts" - argue 'acoustica' that men did not hear and then the later 'acoustica' where men did hear, that in the first usage 'acoustica' should be read 'understand,' thus resolving the contradiction. "Not understanding' but 'hearing.'  The contradiction between Acts 9:7 - the "men with Paul did not see anything' and Acts 22:9 'the men with Paul saw the light' is resolved supposedly by reading Acts 9:7 that the men did not see 'anyone' and thus potentially saw the light. But this is invalid because Paul did not see anyone either -- he only saw the light.

Dale Ratzlaff, "Did Paul Misunderstand Jesus?" [PDF] Proclamation! (June 2006) at 14.

Did Paul Contradict Yeshua on the Torah [defends Paul upheld Torah] by Refiner's Fire

An In-Depth Study of Galatians [defends Paul does not abrogate the Law] by Refiner's Fire

[This Galatians article largley says that if Paul said what a Paulinist typically says Paul says, then it would be blasphemy. Since Paul could not mean to blaspheme, we must find a construction that is not blasphemous. However, this is an interpretive filter which fails to test Paul's words by consistency with Scripture.]

Chris White, Paulianity Debunked -- Podcast claims non-Paul passages prove salvation is by faith alone not of works, and this is throughout NT, and hence Paul does not contradict Christ.

David Wenham, Paul: Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity (1995) - defends that Paul was follower of Jesus by probability assessment of knowing details about Jesus, and arguably some of Jesus' Gospel statements. Wenham admits Paul does not reveal a lot of doctrinal knowledge about Jesus. I think Wenham is asking the wrong questions. Paul is clearly not the founder of Christianity, as critics of Christianity (and Paulinists) try to portray Jesus as a failed Messiah until Paul came along. But this does not mean Paul was a true follower of Jesus Christ. Paul's statement in Galatians that he did not want to know what the 12 had to tell him about Jesus because Paul could get it directly from the Jesus whom Paul met on the road to Damascus. The crux of the question is whether Paul indeed met the true Jesus, and if so, whether Paul stayed true to him, or diverged from the true Jesus.


Paulinists Who Say Paul's Gospel Supposedly Supercedes Jesus's Gospel in the Flesh

Albert Schweitzer, Quest for the Historical Jesus (1901) - books.google.com
Albert Schweitzer, The Mystery of the Kingdom - books.google.com
Albert Schweitzer, Paul and His Interpreters (1911) - archive.org / PDF-Part 1   PDF-Part 2 / Cleaned Text

Paul Studies

Daniel Langton, The Apostle Paul in the Jewish Imagination: A Study in Modern Jewish (2010) - see p. 158 on Schonfield 
Renan  St. Paul (1875) vol. II.
Papyrus 46 Translated (oldest collection of Paul's Epistles from ca. 200 AD)
Paul the Apostle and Judaism, Wikipedia - review of relations with early Jerusalem church.

Paul Defended

Andreas J. Köstenberger, L. Scott Kellum, The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown: An Introduction to the New Testament (B&H Publishing Group, 2009) at 369 et seq. These authors fairly summarize the criticism of Paul as a follower of Jesus. But then they try to argue the allusions in Paul's writings to Christ's teachings are more numerous than typically thought. Their chart on page 373 is a valiant effort to collect "highly probable allusions" to Jesus' words. However, it is pathetic as the point is that rarely, if any, words of Jesus are ever paraphrased in close approximation by Paul. And that does not solve the contradictions which they correctly summarize over the Law's validity. That is mentioned at 370, but conveniently ignored later.


Persecution by Church of Heretics

"Thomas Aikenhead," Wikipedia 1696 execution for ridiculing Christianity, this lad of 20 is last to be executed under Britain's blasphemy law. What is important is that Aikenhead never ridiculed God, belief in God or insulted God -- the true definition of blasphemy.


Constantine Era to 381 AD

Constantine, "Edict of Milan," Early Church Documents - book.google
"The Great Apostasy," Wikipedia

Roman Catholic Materials

Aquinas Summa Theologia Vol. IV

Catholic Encyclopedia (1907) Vol. 2 begins letter A, Assizes of Jerusalem

Catholic Encyclopedia (1908) Vol. 3 ends page 799 with Clancy. "Canon" near 260.

Catholic Encyclopedia (1908) Vol. 4, begins letter C, Clandestiny 

Catholic Encyclopedia (1909) Vol. 5 begins D for Diocese, on 614 begins Eusebius 

Catholic Encyclopedia (1909) Vol. 6 begins letter F, Fathers of the Church.

Catholic Encyclopedia (1910) Vol. 10, begins letter M

Catholic Encyclopedia (1912) Vol. 14

Catholic Enclopedia (1914) Vol 16 with Index

Catholic Encyclopedia (1922) Vol. 17 Supplement 1, letters A - Z.

A History of the Councils of the Church (1883) by Karl Joseph von Hafele - Index


Roman Catholicism History

"Linus" Wikipedia (history of true first bishop of Rome)

"The Thirteenth Apostle, Constantine" Lost History, discusses Council of Nicea, and also Mani (founder of Manicheans) who in 200s claimed to be the promised 'comforter' in John 15:26 and 'last prophet.'

A General History of the Catholic Church by Joseph E. Darras (1898) Vol. 2



MacKenzie, Concordia article "Luther's Two Kingdoms" (PDF)

Calvin, Calvinism, "Reformed" Doctrines

Calvin, Letter to the Polish Brethren (1563) in Calvin's Opera (Works)

Interesting Books / Magazines

Douglas D. Webster A Passion for Christ: An Evangelical Christology (Regent College, 2001) -- a systematic review of Christian doctrines.

Biblical Studies on the Web (academic articles) - Filologia Neotestamentaria -- many volumes

Judaismo Etico -- by Joshua at http://www.radio-israel.us/ - discusses each of the 10 commandments at bottom.


Christology of All Perspectives

Biblical Unitarians (conservative, not Unitarian Universalists), e.g., true nature of Holy Spirit
Victorinus (of Pettau) Theological Treatises on the Trinity - books.google
"Who is Messiah?" (criticizes modern trinity doctrine)
"Who is Jesus According to the Bible" (Sept 2010) - divinely indwelled SOG, criticizes trinity doctrine
Biblical Basis of the Trinity - webpage 2011 - well-organized with linked Bible cites.
Roger Day, Is The God-head Three Equal Persons? - listed among articles.

Rapture Issues

"Secret Rapture, Bible Truth" secondcoming.com - criticizes rapture idea prior to coming of Christ


Sabbath Issues

Constantine's Change of Church - PDF "For His Majesty"
The New Testament Sabbath Day - history of changes (webpage)

Virgin Birth Issues

Allan Hoben, The Virgin Birth (1903)
Justin, Dialogue with Trypho (1745) - footnote at page 65 on "this day I have begotten thee" quoted at baptism by numerous sources in early church.

The Name Issues [I prefer 'Yahshua' -phonetic]

Why Yahushua? (2008) at http://www.eliyah.com/yahushua.html
The Divine Name of Yahweh -- under construction

EasternOrthodox Church History


Logic and Rhetoric

Thomas Fowler, The Elements of Logic (1871) 

Philosophy By Era of Christ

Plato's Crito - University Teacher You Tube explanation

Sermons Online

PBC.org - Peninsula Bible Church near San Fran (audio)
Wycliff Sermons - in old English - 1869 

William Paley - Sermons and Writings

Works of William Paley 1825 Vol. 1 
Paley, Evidences of Christianity 1825 Paley,
Paley, Works of Paul 1825, "Epistle to the Ephesians
Works of Paley 1825 Vol. VI - Sermon on Error of Faith Alone, pp. 201 etc., pg. 214.


Interlinear Greek New Testament at this link.


Worship and Edifying Material

You Tube, Jesus Words Only - a video of a professional audio of Jesus's sayings. Wonderful!

Big Daddy Weave, Only Jesus "Lord, I am tired of all the rest, when my heart knows you are the very best" (playable at this link).


Ebook Resources Online

Hathi Trust Digital Library (recommended by Library of Congress)
Internet Archive (recommended by Library of Congress)
Online Books Page from Univ. of Penn (recommended by Library of Congress)
Questia online books
Feedbooks - store
All Google books re: Bible, Christianity organized by Prof Hooker -- AMAZING!!!! For example, any books.google resource on specific OT books of the Bible are sorted and linked. There is a great deal of links to Rabinnic Judaism materials. All the early 'fathers,' such as Augustine with books.google links for each.
NT Gateway Portal -- NT topics, gospels, etc. -- link aggregator
Perseus-Tufts Classical Books - placed in public common

Paganizing Influences

Name of Easter and Change of Passover "A Common Sense Investigation" Toolong.com (Critical)


Google Searches

Jesus Words Only on Twitter (google real time)

Google Books in Latin and Greek in search hit and organized


Graphic Resources


Library Pages of Others

http://www.christianresourceslinks.com/ - has Greek NT, Greek Textbooks, Lexicons, Manuscripts, Maps, Septuagint, Biblical Journals, etc.

April D DeConick's Web-resources links (Prof. Rice University) -- links to Greek dictionaries, etc.



"Jesuism"  or 'Jesusism," Wikipedia article supposedly defining Jesuists as a rational philosophy that follows Jesus without Paul. It claims this either stands apart from Christianity or opposes it. This is a false dichotomy. The article never mentions there is a distinct spiritual following of Jesus as Messiah and Son of God without accepting Paul. I have to wonder about this article for a second reason. The article inaccurately cites my book Jesus Words Only as discussing 'Jesuism' which I have never even heard of other than this article. Given the inaccurate reference to my book as discussing Jesuism, I question whether the author of this article has in fact created a new term on his or her own. He or she implies the first reference to this term can be found in Bouck White. The Call of the Carpenter. USA: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1911. However, this has not yet been verified. Another Wikipedia article says Bouck White was a Jesusist, but again one wonders where this term originated, and who authored this Wikipedia article. So far I see the author says the common man will say "Jesus was a downright good fellow," but the church they hiss at. See xxi.


JWO Movement

"Why Read Jesus' Words?" (Jan. 16, 2011)


My Library of Brick & Mortar Books

Store your book list online at www.myhomelibrary.net lb1


Jewish Sources Critical of Christianity

Faith Strengthen.com "Part 1 - Refutation of Christianity's Claims and Objections to Judaism."

Jews for Judaism, The Real Messiah - Why He Is Not Jesus

Light of Israel Tracts


Ebooks I Recommend

Butz, Secret Legacy of Jesus - ebooks.google.com


YouTubes I Recommend

Dr. Peter Williams - New Evidence that Gospels Were Based Upon Eye Witness Accounts


Website Maintenance Tools

Google Last Cache of Site (if you delete something by accident)
Push to Check on JWO Site - rankings on numerous websites, ads (O), etc.
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