"Paul's reign [is] drawing to a close. Jesus, on the contrary, lives more than ever." (Renan, Saint Paul (1875))


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Worshipping A Man versus Worshipping God Indwelling A Man

The question posed here is whether worshiping Jesus as God is proper if Jesus is a man indwelled by God (and hence divine) instead of identical to God. I have collected a thought-provoking article below from another whom I quote below.

Now, I contend Jesus is divine because indwelled fully by the Shekinah presence of God, as Jesus and Apostle John stated. See "Correct Christology." I believe we can worship at Jesus' feet as homage to a King, even as the Son of Man to whom the kingdoms of the earth are to be given, and is said to be worshipped in Daniel 7:13 even though a man. I believe the rationale is He comes with the full "glory" of God on the clouds as He comes to earth. Or because Jesus is a King -- the King appointed by God.

Thus, first, Jesus had the glory known as the Shekinah Glory/Presence of God. The Shekinah is also called the Divinity of God. For the same reason, because Jesus was the "Son of Man" (same name as in Daniel) and Jesus said the Father dwelled in Him and Apostle John says the "Word (God) was made flesh," we can fall in homage at Jesus's feet. But it is not because the human being Jesus 'is' God but because God is in Him. If we misidentify Jesus the Man as God rather than indwelled by God, can we thus commit idolatry? That is, if we mistake Jesus' divinity is not from the "indwelling" of the Father as He spoke (John 14) but from a 100% identity as "God" apart from the Father, can we commit the sin of Idolatry?

Also, the Bible gives examples of the worship of a king as normal.  The action of bowing down in front of a King was indeed common usage in Israel, as the following verse show: 1 Samuel 24:8 Then David went out of the cave and called out to Saul, “My lord the king!” When Saul looked behind him, David bowed down and prostrated himself with his face to the ground

I think the discussion below by Katjonjj should make us concerned to not put Jesus in front of God the Father on false pretenses that they are identical. We can only worship Jesus because either the Father and His glory dwells fully in Jesus in a unique way (making them one in spirit) that will never be true of another or because Jesus is the king God appointed over us. That's my thought. Any comments? Corrections?

Is Worshipping Jesus The Man Idolatry?

Katjonjj makes an interesting argument in Is Worshipping Jesus The Man Idolatry?

Idolatry defined:
Easton's Bible DictionaryImage-worship or divine honour paid to any created object. Paul describes the origin of idolatry in Romans 1:21-25: men forsook God, and sank into ignorance and moral corruption (1:28).
The forms of idolatry are, 
(1.) Fetishism, or the worship of trees, rivers, hills, stones, etc.
(2.) Nature worship, the worship of the sun, moon, and stars, as the supposed powers of nature.
(3.) Hero worship, the worship of deceased ancestors, or of heroes.

Bible Dictionary: Idolatry

How sure are you that Jesus is God? If you are sure then why is his human name (Jesus) used in worship? Are you worshiping a created being or God? 

It is clear in the bible that Jesus was a man.... how clear is it that he is God?

If you use the name Jesus isn't that the name of the man and therefore you are worshipping the man and not God?

I am curious to find out how strong people's convictions are about the nature of Jesus....

Also, if Jesus is God why pray or worship Jesus by name.. why not simply pray to/worship God? Isn't that the same thing?