"[V]isions, dreams, and miracles as a means for establishing [authority]...are some of the most dangerous imaginable in their ability to produce falsehood and deception amongst the unwary." (E.L.Martin, Secrets of Golgatha (1996) at 218-19.)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Self-Assurance of Forgiveness & Perfection

I received a pithy email article written by Mr. Eze in reply to a Mr. W.O. on 1-20-2013. It poignantly exposes the cockiness of Mr. W.O. who assures himelf of forgiveness and perfection by calling himself a "Christian." Here is Mr. W.O.'s cocky letter with Mr. Eze's witty and incisive retort:

From Mr. W.O.

Happy New Year!!! 

We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

We are born of HIM NOW and as HE IS, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD!
We will continue to put the flesh under the dominion of God's SPIRIT in us through our faith in Christ Jesus by which we were Born Again and received the NEW LIFE. 

Let's continue to work in the spirit of Christ Jesus!  The "Word", Jesus, has been made flesh in us and it will continue to be well!
The communication of our faith will continue to see us do mighty things by the power of God... Eyes have not seen nor ears ...

Have a fruitful year of favour as you favour others!

God bless

E.Z.E. Reply

I believe everyone had a wonderful time in their places of worship. Glory to the God of Abraham. After careful consideration, it becomes pertinent to draw people’s attention to this issue that requires soul searching.
A defendant was faced with a charge and upon appearing in court, the judge asked for a plea? The defendant glanced around enthusiastically and answered: not guilty! The judge said well, we will see in the course of the proceedings whether you are guilty or not. Finally, after all presentations and witnesses, all evidence showed that the accused was indeed guilty of the charge. This defendant’s case seems to be the situation in the church since the name Christianity entered into the library of books called the Bible. Because of this tricky word “Christianity” church goers (to be fair “brethren”) have declared themselves not guilty as charged by ascribing to themselves that word Christian (i.e., Christ-like being).   
The brethren of old confined themselves to the word “brethren”. Even when outsiders called them Christians by reason of their lifestyle, these set of brethren nevertheless, continued to go by the name brethren. They knew it was not for them or any human to determine their spiritual status; only God alone knows if they lived Jesus-like life, if they ran the race or lived in disobedience to His injunctions.
When compared alongside Jesus' lifestyle and statements, a lot of doubts seem to be open as to what the Christ-like claims depend on. Jesus insisted He must be obeyed at all times if we love Him. Hear His words.
He said: love your neighbour as yourself, but church goers said: love your gods of man, worship them and submit all to them; Jesus said: when you give, do not let your right hand know, but church goers said: get your envelope, lift it up for all to see; God insists that tithes must not come as cash, but church goers ensured the tithe is exchanged and paid in cash (Deut.14:22-28)Jesus said: we have to lose our life in order to save it. (Mark 8:35).Church goers said: we will save our lives first here on earth with a promise of a good life;He said, the church must not have any other father but God. (Matthew 23:9),church goers said, it does not make sense, Jesus is only joking; He said that it is impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.(Matthew 19:24), church goers said: what about Abraham and Isaac, did Jesus not see them; He said you must not be called teacher and you must not let anyone call you master, because you are all brethren, and Jesus is the only master (Matthew 23:8)but church goers said: it is no issue, you must call me pastor and bishop and whatever we want to be called. These and still other commands might seem simple but might prove costly when we stand on the dock for final judgment.  
It is excellent to be Christ-like; however, we must first stop trying to save ourselves with manipulation, extortion, spreading of lies and malicious deception, lusting after the world, fornication, adultery, idolatry, anxiety, distortion, bribery, robbery, hatred, etc. When you cannot stop all these you have chosen to remain a church goer even though you have entered the not guilty plea by ascribing the word Christian to yourself.

Remain obedient to the Lord.