"In Acts...Paul is denied the title of Apostle." (Hengel & Schwemer, Paul between Damascus and Antioch (John Knox Press, 1997) at 321.)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Chapters Available Online Only: Jesus' Words on Salvation - 300 Additional Pages

These are chapters in PDF cut from the final book so as to keep its length reasonable. So these are bonus chapters.

1. Self-Examination on How Well You Know Jesus' Words on Salvation
2. Jesus Teaches Exclusive Reliance On His Doctrine Is Key to Salvation

3. Jesus Came With A Gospel
4. Works Worthy of Repentance (PDF)   or Works Worthy of Repentance (HTML)
5. Not Do According To His Will

6. Building on Sand
7. "Ashamed of Me and My Words" -- The Risk of Denying Jesus' Words Apply Today

8. The Early Church View of Belief Alone
9. Are The Drawing Passages Explaining Salvation Principles?
10. Lost Sons versus Saved Sons or the Five Keys to the Kingdom

11. Kierkegaard's Critique of Cheap Grace
12. The Parable of the Drowning Man
13. Jesus' Idea of Faith

Five Keys of Kingdom - Charts - excerpted from article # 10 above:


01 keys

02 keys

03 keys

04 keys

05 keys

06 keys