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Why Would Satan Stop Paul from Killing Christians?

TS's Question 12/29/2015

Paul was on his way to capture Christians. Why would an evil entity stop him? Seems like only Christ could change such a hard heart.

My Reply

What strategy has been more effective to destroy the message of Christ than the message of Paul? This is why Jesus warned us about impostors claiming to be Jesus in the wilderness, who would lead many astray. Matt 24:4-5, 24-27. 

Paul claimed it to be an appearance equivalent to the resurrection appearances experienced by the apostles. Paul's experience was outside Damascus. Outside such a city fits the biblical definition of a wilderness. But Jesus warned against such a deceptive attack by the anti Christ.

Hence, the assumption of your question that only killing Christians is the primary way to destroy the message of Christ has proven in history to be untrue.

As James told Paul in Acts 21, many Myriads had come to Christ. Jesus had taught us not to fear those who can kill the body but rather fear God who can send the soul to hell. This early Christian movement  was too strong spiritually for the religious authorities to eliminate every Christian person and intimidate them into silence.

Thus it could only then be destroyed by division seeded by a nonbeliever at the time...Paul, who meets an imposter in the wilderness who then changes the message completely.

The key is to test whether MATT 24:4-6, 24-27 proves Paul met an impostor Jesus in the wilderness outside Damascus when Jesus said his next appearance on earth could only be a universal appearance. You would know the imposter by the small amount of witnesses in a wilderness or a private appearance. Then please ask whether the Jesus whom Paul met has destroyed for many in the pew the message of the Jesus known previously by the 12. I provide you detailed examples of Paulinism -- justifying Paul came with a new gospel of salvation because Jesus' message on salvation was rejected. See Examples of Paulinism.



TS Reply

Thank you for the response. I have always questioned Paul's significance to the Scriptures. When I first started reading it years ago, something just didn't match up about his spirit. It was like Paul invited himself to a party he wasn't invited to. Most kids are taught not to question The Bible, but we are to compare everything to Biblical truths. Your insights are compelling. As long as we hold dearly to the words of Christ, everything else is moot. Thanks T