"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible." (Thomas Aquinas)


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Are We Advocating Condemning Paul, or Instead Weighing the Inspiration of Paul?

Stu agreed with JWO initially. But then he felt he was wrong adopting this position. He wrote me on July 17, 2016 the following:

I had decided to just stay away from Paul & disregard him. Then somehow a blogger rebuked me about Paul with fiery zeal & I hearkened back to "love ye your enemy"  I prayed that night & repented that I judged Paul's words.


I wrote Stu back on July 17th as follows: 

Hi Stu

I don’t condemn Paul.  Rather, I believe Paul was a dupe of an imposter Jesus. See Who Identified Himself as Jesus to Paul outside Damascus.  http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/recommendedreading/292-jesus-prophecy-about-who-identified-himself-as-jesus-to-paul.html

Hence, the issues about Paul are not about whether he is a liar, evil, or any other point of condemnation. Rather, our task is to determine what is inspired in the NT that we must follow.  Jesus does direct us to look at any claimed prophet's fruit to determine whether they are a “false prophet” or not (Matthew 7). In looking at fruit, our purpose is not to condemn Paul, but rather to determine whether Paul is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit by testing his fruit. This is obedient to Jesus' command.

One of the key issues on this quest is also whether God and Jesus have warned us specifically about Paul. There are 3 clear instances where this is clearly demonstrable:

First,  Jesus prophesied against Paul in Revelation chapter 2 due to the blatant pointing at an untrue apostle who taught it was ok to eat meat sacrificed to idols, as Paul clearly does. This is the focus of the entire book Jesus Words Only – free online here…  http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/books/jesuswordsonly/16-freechaptersonline.html

Second, Jesus also prophesied about Paul as the “least” who teaches us not to obey even the least commandments – and who we are to avoid per Jesus in Matt 5:17-19. Why is that true? Because Paulos is a Greek transliteration of a Latin contraction of a full name of pauxillulus which in Latin means “least.” The reference by Jesus then to a law-loosener named “least” has Paul clearly in prophetic view:  http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/recommendedreading/280-jesus-on-paul-the-least.html

Finally, Jesus also prophesied about the vision of Paul’s Jesus and others like Joseph Smith’s Jesus and Constantine’s Jesus – a vision of Jesus in the wilderness after the Ascension accompanied by signs and wonders. Jesus warned about how to tell it is truly his true return from heaven, and said to not believe imposter Jesuses who come instead in the wilderness and not every eye on earth universally sees that competing Jesus. See this link. 

There are many other substantial proofs, but that should give you enough to nibble on to begin with. Thus the issue is about inspiration,  not condemnation. There is no doubt we love Christ's enemies. We simply do not accept them as prophets or true apostles. Because Jesus tells us directly "do not listen to them." 

Blessings of Yah,