And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. (Ex 20:6 KJV)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Email Dialogues

Donna (March 16, 2020) -- Why Else Would Paul Be In Bible?

Stu (July 17, 2016) - Are We Condemning Paul or Testing Inspiration?

Larry (July 30, 2015) - Was Paul Deceiver, Dupe or Tampered With?

Larry (April 25, 2015) - If I Have Been Deceived this Long, Is This Paul Issue Another One Too?

Ana (November 7, 2014) -Didn't Jesus Abrogate the Food Laws? 

Layla (August 30, 2013) - Didn't Israel Reject Christ, So God Turned to Paul for Entirely New Dispensation of Grace? (From Anti-JWO correspondent)

Shane (August 6, 2013) - Is Westminster's Covenant of Works Correct?

Sudy (July 21, 2013) - Is Reincarnation Biblical in Light of Elijah and John?

Julius (June 23, 2013) - Is One No Longer A Christian If One Removes Paul's Epistles from Canon?

May 25, 2013 - Welcome to My World - Vituperative Hate Mail I Receive - to help you prepare for the same

K (May 11, 2013) - What About Argument that Luke, Peter or Matthew Never Called Paul Out as False Prophet?

Matthew (May 5, 2013) - What Are The Consequences If I am Wrong About Paul, And Peter Is Right Paul is Scripture?

Matthew (May 5, 2013) - Isn't Fact Paul Loved and Exalted Christ Enough To Trust Paul?

Matthew (May 5, 2013) - If The Epistles Are Not Inspired, What Is Your View on Glory Jesus' Enjoys?

K (April 7, 2013) - What Role Did Paul Play In Transfer of Sabbath to Sunday?

A (March 30, 2013 - Dialogue with Scholar on Whether Paul was a Dupe or Paul Hijacked Christianity 

H. (Jan. 26, 2013) - 'Can You Give Me Proof of a Knockout Blow on Paul, as I am still slightly undecided'

Roberto (Dec 15, 2012) - Question what Jesus meant by saying 'You have heard it said, but I tell you.'

Judy (Dec. 18, 2012) - Questions / comments on inspiration of Peter, reliability of Acts, to whom Prayer should be directed, Holy Spirit in life of believer, and on the transformation that comes from following only Jesus

R. (Dec. 9, 2012) - What Does Jesus Mean in the Answer to the Rich Young Ruler?

Angelo (Nov. 28, 2012) - What Is The New Testament Canon, especially the Inspired Canon?

J. (August 14, 2012) - What About The Pre-Ascension Jesus Was Sent Only to Israel, not Gentiles?

C. (July 27, 2012) - How do I explain the God of the OT and NT appear different

C. (July 15, 2012) - Do We Have to Really Endure Persecution and Isolation for these Views?

Jeff (July 6, 2012) - Did Paul Only Amplify Jesus' Gospel as Jeff contends?

Cindi M. (February 2012) - Can God remarry Israel after divorcing her and supposedly marrying another?

Scott Schifferd (September 2011) - I answer his critique of affirming JWO as inspired canon -- after his blog article defending, posted at his web-blog. (This is posted in full below at end of this 'Dialogues' page for easier access.)

Eric (December 25, 2010). Does the Tertullian quote I rely upon still apply if Acts is Considered

Adam (Dec. 27, 2010). More questions Adam relays from a critic.

Adam (December 24, 2010). What about fact Luke describes Paul and Barnabas as apostles in Acts 14:4?

Dr. PB (December 20, 2010). A theologian tries to criticize JWO, but really reveals how Paulinists have no answer to JWO.

Gary (October 15, 2010). If Ananias says Jesus said Paul is chosen in Acts 9, does this prove Jesus said it?

Dave (September 1, 2010). If Paul is not inspired, how do we know any other book in NT is inspired?

Ed (August 25, 2010). Is Paul's version of the rapture of believers true?

Daniel (August 14, 2010). Daniel's humorous story about a Pastor who says Law has been fulfilled.

Jennifer (August 2, 2010). Why did God let this corruption of Scripture take place? Her heart aches for an answer.

Walter (June 9, 2010). Did Peter agree with Paul that the Law was a burden in Acts 15:9?

David (June 8, 2010). Was Jesus's criticism of an eye for an eye a diminishment of the Law?

Wheeler (May 26, 2010). What Law applies today to Gentiles?

Victor (January 2010) Victor disagrees that James' letter was for a trial. Also the reader can see in Victor's email the kind of personal invective and insult Paulinists use rather than reasoned argument.

Chris (November 2008). A Christian who lost devotion, and was concerned that if Paul is false, would this make Jesus a failed messiah. My response exhorts Chris to try Jesus again with a new perspective on just Jesus.

Erica (September 2007). Asks how I first came to realize Paul was false.

Joe (2006) Joe believes Paul's being chosen by Jesus makes it impossible to think Paul turned false later. The example of Balaam from the OT is used to refute that argument.