"Jesus' proclamation of the Way of the Cross has been replaced by Paul's proclamation of the Cross."

Prof. Bauman (1985)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Abusive Emails From Correspondents

I wish I collected these references years ago. Better late than never.

Jesus told us that we are not above Him, and however they treated Him, we can expect they will treat us. Jesus told us to turn the other cheek. So if we are insulted, we do not respond in kind.

Over the years, I have gotten some doozeys. This will give you some idea of the tough-skin you will need to witness for Christ, including if you try to test Paul to those who are devotees of Paul.

Most of these correspondents below say they are preaching love and understanding. They criticize me for being critical about Paul because that is supposedly not loving.

I usually point out first that Jesus commended the Ephesians for putting on trial ones who said they were apostles but whom they found were "liars" -- see Revelation 2:2. So testing Paul's apostleship cannot be wrong because the Ephesians were approved by Jesus for doing so regarding unnamed self-professed "apostles." I then also add that it is self-contradictory to say it is wrong to ever be critical of another while doing so in a criticism of me. They usually blow up at that point into hateful invective.

Or if they reject Christ altogether, they abuse me for believing in Him, defending Him, etc.

Given enough rope, such correspondents follow a similar path: they start nice, often with flatteries. See Daniel 11:34 (when the good try to expose religious fraud, opponents try to win them back over by flatteries).

Then when I cite passages at odds with their views, they feel frustrated, apparently because they cannot refute the inspired word of God used to test their claims, etc. Then they eventually begin insults.

But Jesus said call no man "Raca" (Fool) because that evinces hatred. So these people -- who typically claim to be Christians -- end up proving that indeed they are following not Christ's commands but some misunderstanding of right and wrong. They usually also reject God's Law and anything from Jesus as a superceded Gospel. Only Paul matters to them, by and large.

So their comments are examples of what someone bereft of God's principles of right and wrong will say to someone with whom they disagree. Their anger and hatred is usually from a frustration that they cannot refute what I am saying if God's inspired Word is the standard. (When I cannot refute someone, I go and study, and if I am wrong, I change my opinion. That's the nature of having a fair debate, and being morally and intellectually honest. I have changed views on many things.)

So here are some doozey letters I have received with bombastic insults of hilarious proportions:

I Am No Different Supposedly Than A New Age Pagan and A Fool

MY INTRO: Although Jesus told us to antagonize no one by calling them a fool, or hurl insults, this is how a Paulinist treats me:


The very fact that you deny the words of the apostle Paul is proof enough to dismiss everything on your entire website. That being said, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself teaches eternal security of the born again Christian.  Its either by works or by faith alone in Christ alone, and it is by grace alone. You cannot cut up the Bible and pick and choose. You are no different than a Muhammadan or a new age pagan. 
Jesus promised all who believe in Him will be kept forever throughout the evangelistic Gospel of John and elsewhere.

Trust in Him and Him alone or else you will burn forever in the Lake of Fire.

You don't rightly divide the word of truth: Eternal Life is by faith alone in Christ alone and is forever. We are sealed unto the day of redemption: Ephesians 1:13-14 and Ephesians 4:30. No wonder you hate Paul, you Satanists. You are not even Christians. Real Christians would never deny what paul said. 

Jesus said His sheep hear His voice and will come to Him and the one who comes to Him will in NO WAY be cast out, and that includes our own selves.

What fools. Don't even bother responding to me. (Scalar 12/3/2013)

My Scripture Citations Are Intended To Be Rejected By Those Who Wrote Them; I am Foolish & Absurd For Relying Upon Literal Meaning of Bible Texts

INTRODUCTION. A Christian who did not like my citations to Scripture responded that he dismissed such Bible texts as filled with absurdities which we supposedly should know could not be taken literally:
*****Moreover, as stated at the foregoing link, when you encounter an absurdity in the scriptures, this absurdity was intentionally placed there by the author, to make the reader reject the written text.   The scriptures contain so many absurdities, that only a fool and/or intellectual idiot could believe the literal written text.   
If you don't want to learn, then don't send me your intellectual folly and spiritual absurdities
A (Dec. 9, 2012)
MY COMMENT: What he is saying is that if I want to learn, I cannot rely upon any scripture because it is filled with absurdities. So nothing I say will he accept because anything that contradicts his views are absurdities intended to be in scripture but are not to be taken seriously! All my efforts are insulted as being intellectual folly and spiritual absurdities.

I Am Supposedly Anti-Christ, A Fool, A Retard and A Wimp



I am not a Christian. I follow Jesus. 

And you are right again. I don't have love of Christ. 
Instead, I am loving. I love individuals who come into my living, even you. I love the nameless all-creator who has given me life and this earth to live upon. I do what I can to uplift those in my living. 
Religious people, church-y people, people like you are Christians. Church goers are anti-Christ, against Jesus himself. 
You are hung up on religious practice and being thought of as correct by your peers. You are dead. You are not living. You are not living by the way of Jesus. That makes you a fool who wastes his life in the here and now.
Basically, you are a Jew wannabe as all Catholics are, as all Protestants are, and even more so as all Evangelicals are. You live in the past, in the books of the Jews as bundled in the OT. 
You fail to have the ears that hear and the eyes that see. All of your public piousness surely earns you the rewards you seek. Jesus said so. The first shall be last. 
The entire message of Jesus has been lost upon you. It's gone right over your head. You fail to get at all what Jesus taught. In short, your beliefs are spiritually retarded.
That you work as a lawyer fits you though. You attack people. You start out veiled at first and progress with each exchange revealing your true self.
You are a nasty kind of guy online. In face-to-face though, I bet you are kind of wimpy
K. (May 25, 2013)
MY COMMENT: This fellow started telling me that we need only follow two commands: love God and love man. By the end of this, when I said it was more than those two commands, you can see he is truly hateful.  I am supposedly anti-Christ; a fool; spiritually retarded: and wimpy. How ironic he says I start out veiled, and as we progressed I reveal my true self. However, this is precisely what he did. Here below is how the earliest email exchange began with loving kind words. Then look back above, and see the night-and-day difference between the loving beginning below and the hateful end above. Note it begins below praising my "zeal" as something that "impresses" him, and he wants it to be harnassed for "love":
Hey thanks D. 
All the same, the greatest commandment is all anyone needs and one loving, others, is like the other, loving God as Father
The man who lives in this way, which is is the way to discover the kingdom within, works solely to help all brethren to see this higher reality. No one can love another or others and also stand as a stumbling block, chastising, lecturing and the like.
I do hope you consider the foregoing with an open, earnest heart. Your zeal impresses. Harnessed in the way of love, and your zeal could lift as many as you can touch.

Gospels Are Supposedly Inauthentic, And I am Foolish Punk For Refusing To Hear About His Visions From God
INTRODUCTION. One writer who rejected Jesus totally also started nice and kind. But he would not accept any gospel citations I offered. He wanted to share with me his personal visions. I declined, saying I do not have time to discuss revelations from God which others claim. I will rely upon the Gospels for discussing valid doctrine. He responded:

You are nothing but a critic Doug. You are a foolish, arrogant punk whose whole life is dedicated to your criticizing other people who actually attempt to accomplish something with their lives. In other words, you are NOTHING!

Having the audacity to assert that your 'special' reading of a bunch of unauthenticated anonymous gospels [i.e., supposedly Matthew, John, Luke & Mark] containing nothing but inadmissible hearsay evidence gives you the authority to demean and berate others. ***

You are nothing but an arrogant pr*ck whose legacy in life is simply as a coward who attempts to feel holy by judging the actions of others.

In summary, you are full of sh*t. Your book is a joke. And, you turned down the opportunity to learn from one of God's true servants [i.e., the author of this loving email!] It is action, not words, that will matter.

Screw you and your berating, condescending arrogant punk ass. And, I assure you, with your current attitude, God has absolutely no use for you, be it now, or be it in the kingdom. I say this with His authority.

I serve the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You serve nothing but a mythical character [i.e., he means Jesus]. If you haven't figured out that by now, then you, quite frankly, are simply not that smart.

I Remain His Righteous Servant,
R a/k/a David

(R. March 7, 2013)


MY COMMENT: How can someone claim to be a true servant of God, and write such a curse-filled rant of vituperative hateful remarks? I never cease to be amazed. Incidentally, part of what I wrote him back was:

I frankly do not know what has gotten you upset. I simply told you I did not wish to dialogue about your life experiences because I have a 60 hour a week job. You asked me nicely if I wanted to dialogue on the topic of your personal experiences, and I declined. Why all this vitriole when I simply declined?

Pseudo-Messages of A Curse From Jesus Promising to Punish Me


INTRODUCTION. This next email is a curse essentially. Paul did the same to those who did not listen to him. Why do people issue curses? Because they suspect you are superstitious and will be afraid of being cursed at all. I respond in my heart that I must consider the source. An imposter writer claiming to be Jesus is a Deceiver. Jesus is not channeling messages like this. So the intent of the sender is to create fear, but I only self-examine myself more deeply. I pray more earnestly to ask God to make sure nothing is erroneous in what I am concluding. So cursing me has the opposite effect on me than the intention of the sender. But if you are not prepared to be cursed like the next email, I suggest you read it to brace yourself for this kind of mistreatment by those who claim to love Christ. 



"This is Jesus and that is the most obsurd and disgraceful false prophecy I have ever heard. [NOTE: He means applying the Benjamite Wolf prophecy of Deut. 49:29 to Paul.] Listen to me very clearly.  Soon I will appear before you in bright shining light and I AM the Lord of Hosts. I AM born of the Tribe of Judah. Benjamin is one of mine.. Because you took my Word and it is mine and perversed it and set it ascew as if it were fact... Unless you repent and write an apology for this lie, I will come to you in the eve while you are with your family. I will command your body off the ground and you will watch as each member of your body melts away like wax and you beg your children to save you immediately. You will disappear into suffering. I'll be waiting to see the written apology for this disgraceful display of wanna be prophecy... Get it  ....Son of Man (July 12, 2012)

INTRODUCTION. I recently recevied another pseudo-Jesus or God email where our Lord / God is supposedly speaking--again trying to scare me with pseudo-messages channelled to the writer. It is somewhat murky who this person purports to be for he claims I called him a liar (is this Paul speaking?) but then this person talks as God. I suppose we are to think that calling Paul untrue means calling God untrue.
Anyway here is what you may have to look forward to receiving in response to JWO, preying on the human nature to superstitiously fear anyone claiming to speak as if they were God - a death penalty for the one so pretending -- so the Law given Moses says -- unless the person is truly a prophet. He also displaces Jesus as the servant prophesied in Isaiah with Paul as God's servant.


"I gently come unto you in the love of the Lord, by the commandment that we are called to be lovers of both, brothers in the body of Yeshua. And loving towards our own enemies. either, jewish, or pagan.
 For it is by grace that this servant is justified. Not by any works. Faithfully saved by Him, and free from the weight of the Law that I broke in past times, as I walked after MY desires.

In loving kindness God now speaks unto you:

"How lowly you have fallen. How deceived you have become. To call me a liar. To say that it is by the works of your hand that you are justified. That it is by the acts of your strength that you are elevated to say you are justified by fulfilling MY law!!!

For my law was made to be broke, so that in your SINS you could recognize the contrasting Holiness of MY deity!!!
Don't you think I am omnipotent and omnipresent?
Fotr I made those laws to that YOU could see that YOU cannot do it and you cannot fulfill MY LAW!!!!

Is the law not spiritual? but aren't you carnal? is your flesh not corrupted?
Is your body glorified?
I say unto you!

Lay aside your judgment. and rest in my covenant.
For It is MY law that i permitted to be broken!

Did MOses, my servant not hit the rock twice?
Did Moses, being the witness of my presence not the one who was lead to break the tablets I WROTE?
For He was then lead to write them, and I did permit tit!!!

I was preparing you for my humble appearing. So that you could see that ONLY I COULD FULFILL MY LAW!
WHO ARE YOU? are you greater than my servant Moses?
He did follow MY law, yet, did he not break the own law that I gave unto Him?
For it is written: "For YOUR transgressions I ELOHIM was pierced."

DO NOT FORGET THAT i AM POWERFUL! If you fulfil my law, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE GREATER THAN I!!! And there is no need for MY payment....

He who is able to follow my commandment Will be rewarded.
But who are YOU to say that all are as strong?
Who are YOU to say all are to be lead in the direction as you are?

You follow my first covenant? Congratulations, for you claim to be better than Yeshua!
But remember that I came not to save the "just"
Rather, to save the least of the last to put YOU to shame!
For I have seen greater obedience in the darkness, and in the raging waters.
Than in your comfortable man made heaven!!!!


I rebuke you not to condemn you. for all are justified IN ME!
Am I not your salvation? I f you are justified by your works, and teach others to lawfully follow me. You have done what MY Spirit is meant to do.
Are you Holy? Are you HOLY HOLY HOLY?
Than, why must you teach the law that I fulfilled?

In the beginning, I commanded you to follow me. And leave all your strength aside, so in the contrast of MY Holiness you could see that YOU ARE MERELY FILTH!!!!

How will my payment be active, if you work to be saved!

I delight not in your rituals, and in your acts. that drag you down, and condemn you.
Rather, I delight in you loving Me, and LOVING YOUR ENEMIES!
There is the work that I demand!!!

Not deeds of a covenant I fulfilled!!!

Come unto me, and leave all the weight of the law on me. For I payed for you to freely come before the throne of Grace!

I desire for you to be saved.

Do not be made a fool.
For I know what you are thinking.
Your name is made uncomfortable.

That means, you are weak.
And i said unto you that in your weaknesses you would be made strong...

I love you, don't ever forget that!
For I fulfilled the LAW!

You base your judgement on YOUR OWN FAULTS!
You know you are weak, and you reflect your name unto the teachings of my servant Paul.

That is why you cannot stand Him, because YOU reflect YOU on HIM!!!!
I put my servant before you, so that you could be made uncomfortable and see that you are just like HIM!

Did my servant not reach the image that I had predestined for for him?

From the start, He was EGO! And For that same reason, I chose Him! to make Him an example.
Did I not transform him by the end of his race?...

I put all things together for MY GLORY!
Did my servant Paul ever deny that I did not become flesh?
Dis my servant not suffer for MY sake?
I know my children and according to their flaws, i put them and try them by fire!

I made a humble lamb out of that wolf of the tribe of Benjamin!
I made the last, be first!

So who are you?
Are you better than Paul?
You and my servant Paul are nothing!
But I desire for MY least to be and for MY NAME TO RISE!

You know that All who deny my name are of the evil one...
I did in fact allow a WOLF to be turned to a lamb.

So that you could see that YOU are NOTHING!

Let the children grow at my pace. NOT YOUR!!!


if so, disregard this and continue your ways." (10/8/2013)