"Christendom has done away with Christianity without being quite aware of it." Soren Kierkegaard


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Paul - Is Fact He Loved Jesus Enough to Trust Paul?

Matthew in May 2013 asked me in effect whether because Paul loved Jesus  that is enough to trust Paul knew Jesus. Here are his questions, and my answers:

Matthew #1 Email - Excerpt:

I would dare say that there has never been anyone who has loved Jesus more than Paul. And I don't think many would argue with that. Seen as he refers to Christ in almost half of his verses.
If there was one thing Paul had in mind it was surely the preeminence of Christ over all.
What do you think?
Grace & peace,

My Reply to #1 on this Point - Excerpt:

I agree with your closing comment to your email. No one loved Christ more than Paul. This is why it is an important question whether the Christ whom Paul loved was actually Jesus. For Jesus warned of an "imposter" Christ coming "in my name" -- saying "I am Jesus" in the wilderness which is not seen universally (Matt 24:4-5, 26-27.) Jesus said the proof it was not Himself is that it happens in the wilderness and is not universally seen. Sadly, the evidence is very strong that Paul's wilderness vision of a bright light saying "I am Jesus" when Paul's two companions saw no one (Acts 9:7) fits Jesus' warning of a coming imposter. See Jesus' Prophecy About Who Identified Himself to Paul as Jesus in the Wilderness.

Matthew #2 - Reply - Excerpt

Hi Doug,
Thank you once again for responding to my questions. I hope I haven't been keeping you up at some late hour where ever you're from. I'm in New Zealand and its lunch time.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your response. In saying what you have said about Paul would you say that he loved Jesus too much then?
Because his whole basis seems to flow from the point of the Father, that He has put all things in subjection to Christ, 1 Corinthians & Ephesians. In essence that it is the Father who has raised up Christ, setting Him forth to the earth, as much to say "How you treat my Son is how you treat Me."
He then being the benchmark to all the world, and the stumbling block even. Don't you think its uncanny that pretty much every religion & cult & belief in the world that goes wrong almost without exception stumbles over Jesus pulling Him down in some way from Atheistic denials to Mormon & JW & Islamic & Modern Judaism retractions from His glory? The Hindus, the Buddhists & on & on & on dethroning Jesus at what I think is an inherently humanistic attack of God. Trying to degod God somehow and raise man up. I would be interested to know your thoughts.

My Reply #2 

I would answer this way. Paul did not love Jesus too much or too little. Paul elevated Jesus to a very high status which is wonderful except Paul had a very odd view of Jesus' relation to the Father. It is not trinitarian, nor is it unitarian. It is frankly bizarre. 
I wrote an article called Paul's Flawed Christology which summarizes Paul taught (a) prior to conception, Jesus was "the first-born of all creation" (Col. 1:15 YLT) -- a created being, and hence not God; (b) Jesus then created everything else (Col 1:16 "in him all things were created") -- thus making Jesus the primary creator but distinct from God; (c) Jesus emptied what gave him an equality with God before coming to earth (Phil. 2:62:7) (d) Jesus only appeared to be a man but was not truly a man (Phil. 2:7); (e) Jesus  resurrected and after doing so, all things will be under Jesus except God who is above Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:27-28-- thus implicitly denying Jesus and God are the same or even that the Father indwells Jesus, as Jesus claimed in John 14:10. See "Paul's Flawed Christology." 
Now on the question whether Paul loved Jesus too much, I would say Paul fell in love with the Christ who was revealing himself to Paul. Nothing wrong with that unless it is the wrong Jesus. Paul clearly hated Satan, and spoke great truths that Satan can take on the appearance of light. Could Paul have been duped to love the one he hated?
It is possible. Did you ever watch the movie "You've Got Mail." The person whom the lady hates is the person she falls in love with when his true name and identity are concealed by the illusion which email gives us. Paul indeed loved Jesus ...not too much -- but Paul formed the image of Jesus through an illusion -- a spectre, which I believe Jesus warned was a deception. But Paul did not know it was a deception. At least, Paul's experience recounted in Acts 9:4-7 fits precisely Jesus' words of warning about an imposter coming in His name saying "I am Jesus" in a wilderness spot that would not be universally seen. 
I hope that helped.
Blessings and Peace of Christ,