This is a rebellious people, lying children, that will not hear the Law of Yahweh. Isaiah 30:9.


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K's Question of April 7, 2013

So did Paul play part in the transference of Sabbath to Sunday? K.


My Reply of April 7, 2013


Hi K

Paul's only direct influence in the change was his disregard for the Sabbath any longer being God's Law for His people. Other than that, Paul was not directly involved in the transfer of Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. 

Specifically, Paul never suggested observing the Lord's Day. In fact, he said there is no reason to give any day of the week a special meaning. (See my article "Paul Abolished Sabbath.") Thus, without Paul's influence, Christians for 300 years also congregated on the Lord's Day before it was ever called in 305 AD "Sun-Day."

This means for 363 years, Christians generally rested on Sabbath, often congregated the same day and did so again on Sun-Day. There were 2 special days a week for a Christian, as the Didache (100 AD) reflects. However, when Constantine announced the day of the Sun-God -- Sun-Day --- in about 321 AD, he did not yet touch the Sabbath. Then in 363 AD, a later Roman emperor and the Roman Catholic Church "transferred" Sabbath to Sun-Day. (See Eusebius quote on "transfer" at my article "The Sabbath Command.")

Paul's doctrines helped 300 years post-mortem because Paul taught the Sabbath no longer had any special importance. See my article "Paul Abolished Sabbath." Paul's words were essential to rely upon 300 years after Paul died, for otherwise the Roman church could not justify "transferring" (as Eusebius puts it) Sabbath from our Saturday  to Sun-Day. The Roman Catholic Church justified persecuting Christians for Sabbath observance thereafter by quoting Paul in Galatians that they would be cut off from Christ for doing so. Pope Gregory even said Sabbath observers had the spirit of the Anti-Christ, relying upon Paul! See the Pope Gregory quote in "The Sabbath Command."  

Thus, simply put: Paul had direct influence on the transfer from Sabbath to Sunday 300 years after his epistles only onlyto the ext only to the extent Paul negated the Sabbath law as any longer valid as of 40-50 AD. Sabbath was now a supposed defunct shadow. (This means that in his lifetime, Paul had no proveable significant influence to stall Sabbath observance among the overwhelming majority of Christians despite his epistles advising against Sabbath observance.) 

Then three hundred years after Paul died, Paul's words in Galatians and Col. 2:14-17 were used by pagan emperors in Sheep's clothing from 321 AD to 363AD  to make Christians rest on the day of the Sun-God. Constantine who initiated the first steps pretended to be a Christian. Much evidence now proves it was a fraud, and Constantine truly worshipped Sol Invictus -- the Sun-God. See my article "Council of Nicea 325" under heading Constantine Equates the god Sol Invictus With Jesus.

Does this help?