"[I]t is of great importance to correct the enormous confusion Luther caused by inverting the relation and actually criticizing Christ by means of Paul, the Master by means of a follower." (Kierkegaard, 1855.)


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Email: Can You Give Me Proof of a Knock Out Punch

H's Email of January 26, 2013

You've got me on the ropes, and the only thing keeping me from rejecting the teachings of Paul is a knock-out punch, which I am searching your site for.  I have found your research and your writings to be very informative and helpful.  Almost persuadest thou me.  What I believe would make a difference is for me to see you handle your opponents or negative reviews.  Do you have anything like that which you can share with me?  I saw a review of your book on www.churchhistory101.com, which was negative.  Do you have an answer to their charges?  Please get back with me and let me know if you have some of the type of material that I mentioned to share with me.  I am leaning in your direction, but I want to make sure that I am giving both sides a fair chance. Thank you.


My Reply


Hi Brother H

I have both things you need.

I answered the church history article at this link. This is part of a subpage called Answering My Critics -- where any critical article I find online, I try to answer in depth.

As to the knock out blow, I am like you. I want to find more definitive answers. And I recently found two even stronger items of evidence than in my 2007 book JWO....When you see the first, you will wonder how we all missed this -- this is #30 on my Further Reading tab bolded in red to help people find it among the 56 articles. Here it is Jesus' Prophecy About Who Identified Himself to Paul on the Road to Damascus.  This discusses Matt 24:4-5 and 26-27 - Jesus' warning about someone coming in the wilderness in the name of Jesus whom Jesus tells you that you know it is not him because he is not seen by everyone from the eastern to western sky. Paul's encounter is in the wilderness where those with him heard the voice but saw no one, and this voice identified himself as Jesus, but by virtue of Jesus' warning, we know it certainly cannot be Jesus. 

And the second knock out blow is to learn Paul's name means the Least. This fits Jesus' negative prophecy in Matt 5:17-19. See Jesus on Paul the Least. I won't ruin the surprise by a synopsis.

Please let me know your thoughts after reading these 3 cited articles.

Blessings, and Shalom