"You hear the cry of my heart. Only Jesus! Lord I am tired of all the rest when my heart knows you are best. Only Jesus." Big Daddy Only Jesus (songĀ 2006)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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The Entire Jesus' Words Only (Second Edition 2007) - Free

Every chapter of this book will always remain entirely free online at the links below. All chapters are in PDF or HTML. To buy a copy for a friend or family member, you can buy a print copy from Amazon or Buy Books on the Web (the publisher). 

I recommend everyone read chapters one and two as a basic synopsis. Finally, the chapter that settled all doubts for myself is chapter fourteen on the Benjaminte Wolf prophecy. It is dispositive because Genesis 49:27 is clearly God's guidance on the issue of Paul. 

Since writing JWO in 2007, I have found two other prophecies by Jesus about Paul which are as equally compelling as those exposed in JWO. In early 2012, I found the prophecy in Matt 5:17-19 about the the least as the Law Loosener. For how this applies to Paul, see our article on "Least." And I most recently found Jesus' warning to us in Matt 24:4-5, 27-28. Jesus tells us not to be led astray by the one calling himself Jesus in the wilderness whose appearance is not seen universally. On how this applies to Paul's encounter in Acts 9:5-7 outside Damascus where Paul's companions hear the voice but see "no man," see our article on "Jesus' Prophecy On Who Identified Himself to Paul as 'Jesus'". 

I will gradually be rewriting JWO to include these two new prophecies. You will recognize those changes and other improvements to the 2007 edition by yellow highlights within the HTLM versions of the chapters below. 

Chapter One: Introduction - PDF /HTML
Chapter Two: Does Paul's Long Acceptance in NT Prove God's Will? (PDF) (HTML
Chapter Three: Must We Apply the Bible's Test of a True Prophet to Paul? (PDF) (HTML
Chapter Four: Did Jesus Warn of False Prophets Who Would Abrogate the Law? (PDF) (HTML) (Span)
Chapter Five: Did Paul Negate the Law's Further Applicability? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Six: Paul Contradicts Jesus About Idol Meat (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Seven: Why Does Jesus Mention Balaam in Rev. 2:14? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Eight: Does Jesus Share Salvation Doctrine with Paul? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Nine: Is Jesus' Salvation Doctrine in Revelation a Rebuttal to Paul? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Ten: Did Jesus Applaud the Ephesians for Exposing Paul as a False Apostle? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Eleven: Was James Writing His Epistle for A Trial of Paul? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Twelve: The Ebionite Records on the Trial of Paul (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Thirteen: Did John's Epistles Identify Paul as a False Prophet? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Fourteen: Who Is the Benjamite Wolf in Prophecy? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Fifteen: Does Jesus End Up Marginalized To Make Room for Paul? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Sixteen: Long Tradition of JWO and Minimization of Paul (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Seventeen: Does It Matter If We Rely Only Upon Jesus? (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Eighteen: Conclusion (PDF) or (HTML)
Appendix A: Greek Issues (PDF) or (HTML)
Appendix B: How the Canon Was Formed (PDF) or (HTML)
Appendix C: Easter Error (PDF) or (HTML)
Appendix D: Abrahamic Covenant (PDF) or (HTML)

Bibliography (PDF
Index of Topics (PDF)

These are made available for private non-commercial use, and no part of it may be sold or reproduced for resale without the written permission of the copyright owner. To request publication rights, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



1. Marcionism- Paulinism of 144 AD was then heresy (html)

4. The Problem of Paul to All Faiths From Following Jesus (html intro w link to PDF)

5. Luther Killed Jesus' Words Only Movement in Reformation (PDF) or (html)
6. Early Negative Church Views of Paul (html)(June 27, 2010)
7. Paulinist Tares: How To Treat Them? (html)(May 28, 2010)
9. Jesus's Commands on Church Structure (contradicted by Paul)(html)(June 5, 2010)
10. Paul's Flawed Christology (html) (June 6, 2010).
11. More on Benjamite Wolf Prophecy & Paul (html)(June 15, 2010)
15. Paul's Contradictions of Jesus (html)(July 14, 2010)
16. Tolstoy Criticizes Paulinism (html)(July 16, 2010)
17. Paul's Trial Before Caesar - A Drama (html and audio)(July 17, 2010)
18. Paul's Words Support Unwitting Blasphemies (html)(July 25, 2010)
20. Jesus's Words on Baptism (versus Paulinist dismissal of its importance)(html)(Aug. 13, 2010)
22. Paul or James' Church: Which Was The Greatest Evangelist? (Aug. 28, 2010)(links to html/pdf)
23. Gates of Heaven: A Modern Pastor Seeks Entry (Drama Indicting Paulinism)(Sept 10, 2010)(html)
31. Pagan Influences on Paul (July 17, 2011)
32. Paul Abolished Sabbath (July 23, 2011)
36. 3-Fold 1 Page Pamphlet to Hand Out on Jesus' Prophecies to not listen to Paul (Dec. 3, 2011) (PDF). For audio version, listen at Podomatic at this link.
44. Revisiting the Marcan Priority Claim (from Rives, OGM II at 97 which impacts Paul.) (4/7/2012).
62. Tertullian's Treatment of Paul in Against Marcion (207 AD) (4/6/2013) - coming soon
70. The Jesus' Words Only Principle Explained - Numbers 12 & Deut 18 (7/27/2013) 
71. Are These Evil Immoral Commands / Teachings of Paul? Applying Matthew 7:15 et seq. (5/31/2014)
72. Odd Message of Jesus Supposedly To Paul To Leave Jerusalemwithout Seeing Apostles       (October 5, 2014)
80.  Jesus's View of Grace Contrasted to Paul's (5/6/2016) -- This is very convicting - be warned!
[UPDATE 7/4/2018: Similar fabrication to Acts 15:5 and 21:25 in 10th Century Western text which underlies KJV's Greek text source. This helped the anti-Law position. See NOTE at end of article.]
108. Elder Dismisses Jesus' Words (3/3/2018) - Introduction to JWO Revised 2018
109. Take a Chance on Jesus Alone (3/3/2018) - A Message from Oswald Chambers
111.  Southworth on Saul of Tarsus... Critique by Sunday School Teacher
115. The Pleasure Trap of Paulinism (2/19/2019).

Additional Material

5/27/2010 - added Kierkegaard: Critical Remarks on Paulinism (html)
4/27/2010 - an html-based "Quiz" on 18 topics from Jesus' Words Only suitable for Bible studies.